Affiliate Marketing India: Simple and Effective Guide to Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing guide 2021

Affiliate Marketing India – Hey, I am shubham Jindal and I am an SEO learner and Content Writer. I have started my journey in 2020 and learned a lot by ups and downs. I have done blogging, content writing, affiliate marketing, google ads, and digital marketing. So here I am going to reveal all the strategies of affiliate marketing and give you the full details about affiliate marketing india. This is my motive to encourage people through my knowledge and I do not want other people to face difficulties in their dream. 

Table of Contents - Affiliate Marketing India

  1. Introduction to affiliate marketing?
  2. History of affiliate marketing
  3. Structure of affiliate marketing
  4. Web 2.0 
  5. Compensation Methods
  6. Multi-Tier Method in affiliate marketing
  7. Past and Current Issues in affiliate marketing
  8. How does Affiliate Marketing work?
  9. Steps to start affiliate marketing for beginners
  10. types of Affiliate Marketing channels
  11. Tips to become you become a successful affiliate marketer

Let’s start the journey to be an expert in affiliate marketing by knowing all the details.

1. Introduction To Affiliate Marketing : Affiliate Marketing India

In simple words, affiliate marketing is a process where you get fixed commissions from the company for promoting their products and services by their affiliate links. You get some percent of the profit on each sale that you make by your blog or social media or anything. 

It means you are helping the company in generating sales. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you do not need to spend initial money to start affiliate marketing. You can become an affiliate marketer without investing cash. 

You only have to promote their products by anything whether you have a blog, a social media platform, or an email list. It’s all up to you. If you want to earn a good passive income then this is a perfect choice that you make in your life. 

Is it easy to start affiliate marketing in 2021?

It is extremely easy to start with affiliate marketing but for the correct implementation, you need to study all the strategies of affiliate marketing and clear all the doubts.  

2. History And Origin of affiliate marketing

Do you know how the affiliate marketing concept came to the market? The idea of Paying some commission for referring the products came in 1994. It became the internet sensation only after the 4 years of origin. For the very first time, affiliate marketing was applied by Mr. William J.Tobin. 

Even has started its affiliate program in 1996. But they gave the commission for books only.

Affiliate marketing has grown so fast at that time. All the business owners and e-commerce websites were launching affiliate marketing. According to our previous research, Only United Kingdom has generated 2.6 lacs of sales through affiliate marketing and earned 2.6 billion of profit in 2006. The whole world has earned 6.7 billion from commissions, lead generation, advertising, personal finance, etc. Affiliate marketing was at its peak from 2006 to 2007. 

Now affiliate marketing is a trillionaire industry. You can earn desired money from this. All of the companies give more commission as compared to 2006. You have a lot of opportunities in 2021. 

3. Structure of affiliate marketing : Affiliate Marketing India

The affiliate marketing industry has 4 main players:-

  • A Merchant 
  • Network
  • The Publisher or Affiliate
  • A Customer

Role of Merchant in affiliate Marketing

Who is a Merchant? We can also say a creator, producer, brand, or vendor. In simple words, Who creates or makes the product is called a merchant. 

It can be a solo person or a team of employees. Even the group of persons can also be a merchant. 

Role of Network: Affiliate Marketing India

Some people think the network is not so important. But I think this is also an essential part of affiliate marketing. It plays an important role between the merchant and the affiliate. 

For example, you are promoting the hosting of the amazon server. But Bluehost and the Hostgator are playing the most remarkable role because they are handling all your payment processes. So, in simpler words, the network is necessary.

Who is an affiliate marketer? 

An affiliate marketer is a promoter who is promoting that product. Suppose you have signed up in the amazon affiliate program and now you are advertising that product through your blog and social media then you are an affiliate or the publisher. 

Affiliates can be a single person or a complete team. 

What is the role of the Customer?

It is so simple, the customer is that person who is buying the product from your affiliate link. Let’s suppose you are promoting any web hosting through your website and I am your permanent visitor & I purchased that hosting from your affiliate link. So I became a customer.

Affiliate marketing is tough to understand because of its complexity. There are a lot of people and companies involved in this process such as affiliate management agencies, affiliate marketers and super-affiliates, third-party vendors + Producers and advertisers, etc.

Affiliate marketing is the same as internet marketing because affiliate marketers sometimes use regular advertising methods. These methods include SEO (Organic Search engine optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), content writing, and Email marketing or by displaying Google ads or Facebook ads. We can also say this is referral marketing.

4. Web 2.0 (What is the meaning of Web 2.0)

It is an advanced method of affiliate marketing. Nowadays it has become an extra complex process. As you know, bloggers and other online organizations put a big positive impact on affiliate marketing. 

Bloggers have improved the communications between customers and merchants. In the web 2.0 concept, affiliate marketing is opened for personal blogs, Content writers, website owners, and advertisers. Even youtube also allows advertising on the videos by the Google advertising network. 

5. What are Compensation Methods? Affiliate Marketing India

To explain this I need to tell you 3 things which are necessary to understand the compensation method. 

  • Predominant compensation method
  • Diminished compensation method
  • Performance/affiliate marketing

Predominant compensation method

It is the most applied method in today’s world. Do you know, 80% of the affiliate programs are dependent on the PPS (pay per Scale) strategy. 18% to 19% of the affiliate programs are using CPA (Cost Per Action). These 98% to 99% are using predominant methods in affiliate marketing. 

Diminished Compensation Method

The remaining 1% or 2% are using CPC or CPM. Cost per click or cost per mile. This includes displaying ads and paid marketing of affiliate programs. 

Performance/Affiliate marketing

In this case, this does not matter if the publisher is a member or affiliate program or not. They use the CPM method in this. The total loss depends on the publisher. This does not affect the company so much. Even it is good for the network and Merchant.

6. Multi-tier program in affiliate marketing India

You can say that a chain system. Some of the advertisers offer multi-tier programs. For example, suppose A has signed up in the affiliate marketing program and then A convenience 

B and C for the signup. All the future activities of B and C helps A to get some fixed commission. 

7. Past and Current issues in Affiliate marketing India

As you know every technical or online term has some drawbacks. Some spam and irrelevant activities have been done by the wrong people in the last few years.

It includes 9 types of weaknesses:- 

  1. Email Spam
  2. Malicious Browser Extensions
  3. Search engine spam
  4. Adware
  5. Trademark bidding
  6. Compensation Disclosure
  7. Cookie stuffing 
  8. Click to reveal the information

Note: If you want to read all the information about the weaknesses then visit Wikipedia

8. How affiliate marketing Works

Affiliate marketing is the most successful way to generate a handsome income online. But before exploring the huge potential of affiliate marketing. We need to know some basics. 

I am sure that you know a little bit about affiliate marketing. All of us are a part of affiliate marketing. We don’t even know that it is around us.

Who is a good fit for the affiliate marketing business?

I just want to say that everybody can start affiliate marketing. But it is a great choice for those who have websites such as bloggers, personal website handlers, and entrepreneurs. Those people who know about blogging and writing can serve their customers as affiliate marketers.

If you do have your product and service and you want to sell something then you can start with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is for those who like a business but they do not have enough money to start. You do not need to do anything. You just have to recommend their products to other people and earn a commission. 

9. Steps to start affiliate marketing for beginners

Here I am going to tell you the steps to dig into affiliate marketing. I will explain how you can start affiliate marketing?

  1. Decide the platform
  2. Choose the best niche
  3. Find the best affiliate programs to join
  4. Create great content
  5. Drive traffic to your affiliate website

Before starting the whole process I want to tell you how much you can earn from affiliate marketing? 

A very simple answer is that you can earn even 8 figure income from affiliate marketing. It depends on the niche and your hard work. 

For example, Umer Qureshi

A successful affiliate marketer who is earning 7 or 8 figure income by his affiliate marketing skills.

Let’s start the journey,

#1 - Decide the best platform for affiliate marketing India

You can begin with affiliate marketing on any platform like social media or blog. But this does not look professional. You should have a good platform that can allow you to apply all the things. 

So the question is what is the Best platform for affiliate marketing

As per my recommendation, you should start with any of these:-

  • A blog or a website
  • Instagram 
  • Youtube channel

These are the most followed ways for affiliate marketing. The first one is a blog. You can start a personal blog for affiliate marketing. It is not so tough to make a blog. But before making the blog you should finalize the niche in which you want to do affiliate marketing. If you want to know how to make a blog then visit my other article. (How to start a blog) you have to optimize your blog for SEO for better ranking. Now you can get affiliate sales.

Instagram is also the best choice for affiliate marketing. It became the best monetization method. You only have to make a dedicated page on a specific niche. 

Nextly, make attractive posts and reels to explain the thing to the people. But the most important thing is to be consistent and have patience. To get your first conversion you have to give an honest review. You have to build trust among people on social media. It is not so easy to make your first sale in affiliate marketing. But it is possible. 

#2 - Choose the niche for affiliate marketing india

Do you think the niche selection is the important point? According to me, it is the most crucial thing which you have to select with awareness.

These days many brands and companies are launching their affiliate programs and it becomes confusing to choose the niche among all.  

How to select a niche for affiliate marketing?

Do not select a broad niche. If you want to get more traffic in less time then you should select the micro-niche. Let’s suppose you have chosen the blogging category. It is an extremely broad niche. If you choose to blog then you will have to face a lot of competition in SEO.

So, the solution is to select the content writing. It is part of blogging. It became easy for you to rank faster. As a beginner, the micro-niche selection is the best for affiliate marketing. 

Find the niche in which you are passionate. Many bloggers and affiliate marketers face failures only because of a lack of consistency. 

Some people are interested in a particular niche but they have a true interest in the niche. So do not worry, start to get the knowledge about that topic and get more sales.

#3 - Find the best affiliate program to join

We divided the affiliate programs according to the payment and volume.

  1. High paying but low volume programs
  2. Low Paying but high volume programs
  3. High paying with high volume programs

High paying but low volume programsMeaning of Affiliate marketing

These are the affiliate programs that pay high but the volume is low.

JVZOO – It is the best platform if you want to earn money. It pays you 200 to 1000 dollars on every sale of any software. It depends on the software which you want to sell on your Blog.

  • You get a 50% commission on every software on a sale.
  • It is the best appealing website for software sellers.

Low paying but High volume programs

Amazon: There is huge traffic on amazon affiliates. But the payment is not so much more. You will get small commissions on every sale. But the good thing is that the volume on this is in Millions in every country. In simple words, the competition is low and you can grow very fastly in Amazon affiliate marketing.

High paying with High volume ProgrammMeaning of Affiliate marketing

Some of the affiliate programs pay high money just for promoting their products such as hosting affiliate marketing.

You have multiple options for starting a hosting affiliate. Bluehost hosting affiliate program gives you 5000 Rupees by a single sale.

#4 - Create Great & Valuable Content

Content is the King. Without content, you do not even think to start affiliate marketing. Initially, you have to create Informational and Valuable SEO-friendly content for attaching the affiliate links in your blog posts.

The process to Monetize from the Blog Post.

  1. Start to write the blog post.
  2. Make it SEO friendly
  3. Convince people to Buy from your Link.
  4. Attach affiliate links where it is necessary.
  5. Share on Social media Platforms.
  6. Email people for Recommending.


#5 - Drive Traffic on your blog to monetize

Now you have a great blog post. But without SEO that is not enough to drive more traffic. So to monetize from the blog post you have to make it SEO-friendly.

So, the question is “How can you drive the audience to your blog post ?

  1. Paid Traffic
  2. SEO
  3. Build an Email List
  • Paid Traffic

In this method, you have to pay some amount for purchasing the traffic. You can do this with PPC ads. But for the beginners. It is not a good option. Because new bloggers do not have enough money to invest in ads.

It can affect your Profits. Without knowledge, you should not use paid ads. It is not a big deal for professional bloggers to lose some money in ads. But keep in mind, you are not an expert and pro.

Note that, once you stop paying money then automatically the ads will stop.

Normally it is said by the pro bloggers, Paid traffic ads are a great option to drive traffic and earn passive income. But, this rule applies only to the experts.

  • SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO is the self-practice method to drive more traffic and rank on google search results. In this way, you have to learn about all types of SEO such as On-page, Off-Page, Technical SEO, Social media SEO, Blogspot sharing, etc.

Initial Level SEO tricks

  1. Target audience – For better clicks and Impressions you have to know about your visitors. In simple words, Understand what your visitors want in your Blogpost.
  2. Create Related content for more clicks.
  3. Just concentrate on Technical SEO and Provide Features that give comfort to users.
  4. Optimize for on-page SEO.
  • Build an Email List

Do you know “What is an email list?”

In this process, you will have to collect the emails from your subscribers and visitors. You can send affiliate marketing promotional links to your email members. For building an email list you have to set up an email subscribe letter. Just start now. 

10. tips to become a sccessful affiliate marketer

Tips to get fame in affiliate marketing field: Affiliate Marketing India

  1. Create Solid and engaging content
  2. Provide information that helps instead of selling
  3. Track your success
  4. Know the products 
  5. Choose the right products (Product selection)
  6. Always be testing and improving
  7. Engage readers and visitors
  8. Concentrate on the trending niches

So, these are the points on which you have to focus. I will explain these all one by one. 

Create Solid and engaging content

Everybody starts affiliate marketing with the expectation of making extra passive income. If you are one of those then you need to create quality content that is highly engaging to your visitors. Your readers should feel that you are communicating with them and explaining to them that this product is so beneficial for you. 

Having full knowledge about the product is important. You will have to enlighten the deep-dive information about that product. Use a call to action button to make more conversions.

Provide information that helps instead of selling

80% of the affiliate marketers and bloggers try to sell their product at the initial stage. But this is wrong. Selling the goods and services is the last thing. Firstly you have to build trust for your website by helping and clearing the doubts. Building Customer trust is the best method to sell products. Provide them useful information that properly helps them. Make them confident that this website is for them. You are always available for them to remove confusion about products. 

Track the affiliate marketing success

Whenever an affiliate marketer or blogger or any personality starts to work in a specific field. It becomes extremely important to track the past data. The proper insights of the past selling help us to judge the demand of the market. 

Keep a proper eye on your analytics and your visitors. How many people are returning on your website and how many are purchasing from you. Just analyze them deeply. Where is your converting traffic coming from and which page is most visited. These are the most crucial factor. Whenever in the future, you publish a product for selling, you can target the best area and product for your visitors. Past information helps you to remove doubts.

Know your products

Let’s suppose you have published a product or run ads of the product. But you do not have enough knowledge about that product. So, how you convince your audience to buy that product from you. How you will tell them about the benefits of that thing. So, it becomes mandatory to take proper knowledge of that product in affiliate marketing. 

A boy working in a niche of selling web Hosting. But he is taking knowledge of amazon products. This is wrong. We stick to the topic in which you are working and you have enough interest. Do proper research – note them – devastatingly represent them to convert sales.

Choose the right product

Selection of the right product is the key point to gain more sales. Product targeting can make you a millionaire in 2021. As an affiliate marketer, it is a genuine and valuable skill that every affiliate wants. The selection of the product depends on the demand for the product. It is the same process that is used by a Dropshipper in dropshipping business. You need to follow a small process for choosing the right product.

  • Make a list of all products related to your niche. 
  • Know about the demand for all products in different areas.
  • Analyze the past data that is declared by the officials. 
  • Feel the demand for the product. 
  • Target the best area for selling
  • Get conversions.

Always be testing and improving

Trying and testing new things always gives you information about that product. Before the final step, just test your product for a day or with minimum investment. There is a 50% chance that you can be successful or not. But in affiliate marketing, this can give you huge profit if your testing is successful. 

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