Hey, I am shubham Jindal and I am an SEO analyst. I made this blog just to support beginner bloggers in blogging. 

Here I am going to tell your which is the best platform to start blogging. Blogger Vs WordPress. In the beginning, let’s talk about the blogger. 

Is Blogger Good to Start a blog? 

Yeah if you want to start a blog free of cost or without investment. Then it is worthwhile to start a blog on blogger. Because you do not need to buy a domain name or any hosting service. 

Blogger provides you the domain name with the extension Blogspost.com. For example techslawn.blogspot.com. if I talk about the hosting then you do not need to take tension. Google provides you a top-class hosting service. 

Advantages of blogger

  • they provide domain name
  • They provide the top-class hosting service of google.
  • Website speed will be the best if you start with a blogger. 
  • Your website will be safe and secure because it is hosted on a Google server. 
  • Nobody can hack your website.
  • You can rank easily on google. 
  • The blog can easily get traffic. 
  • Indexing is fast.

Disadvantages of blogger

  • You can not customize your website according to you.
  • Blogger.com does not allow third-party plugins and tools.
  • All the themes are very simple and boring.
  • The looking of your website will be very bad.
  • Lack of features.

What happens, if you start with WordPress?

WordPress is the most used website platform by bloggers and many companies. Nearly, 67% of the websites are made by WordPress worldwide. WordPress has a content management system. That is very useful for beginners and pro bloggers. 

Advantages of WordPress

WordPress is easy to use:-  You can utilize WordPress as per your thoughts. You do not have any type of boundations on WordPress. Everything on WordPress is manageable according to your thinking. 

Thousands of themes and Plugins:- If I talk about designing. Then WordPress can do much better than all the website platforms. It comes with multiple best leading themes and Plugins that will ease your work. You will get free WordPress themes that have Mindblasting customization features. For example, Ocean WP & Hestia.

Disadvantages of WordPress

There are no cons of WordPress. WordPress is al rounders and the best website platform worldwide.


So, Many people ask me that how to make money by blogging. I will give you the answer to this question in few words. 

There is a lot of ways to earn money through a blog like affiliate marketing, Showing advertisements on google and medicine, promoting something, or by your content. But to know the whole process to start money blogging. Read this answer completely.

The process to earn money through a blog in 3 months

To start earning through a website or personal blog. You have to generate organic traffic or readers to your blog. But before all this, you need to do this:-

  • Buy a Domain Name and good web hosting.
  • Design your website with a responsive theme.
  • Publish 200 to 350 articles in three months. 
  • Stick to publish SEO-friendly articles.
  • Be patient and use high CPC keywords to earn more. 

Ways to earn money by blogging

  • Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
  • Display Google AdSense and earn money
  • start WordPress Advertising Plugin to Sell Ads Directly
  • Sell Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Get Paid to Write Reviews of products and services
  • Create Restricted Members Only Content 
  • Make a Questions & Answers Website
  • Sell E-books on WordPress
  • Sell Online Courses
  • Offer Freelance Services to freelancers
  • Start Your Own Consulting Business or online advisor
  • Become a Coach or tutor
  • Create a WooCommerce-Dropshipping Store
  • Create an Amazon Affiliate Shop
  • Create an Online Marketplace Website
  • Create a Job Marketplace website for people
  • Develop WordPress Plugins by programming
  • Sell WordPress Themes and plugins
  • Sell Graphics on Your WebSite


Hey, do you want to drive traffic on your website and you are facing problems?

I directly come to your answer. So, it is not so tough to attract organic audiences to your blog. You just have to follow some tips and tricks. I will tell you some ways that can help you to drive thousands of traffic on your blog. 

Perfect Implementation on on-page SEO (What is On-Page SEO)

It is one of the basic methods on which you have to concentrate. If you are not perfect in the implementation of on-page search engine optimization. Then go to this blog post “how to write an SEO friendly blog post that can generate $3750 per month”  

Some best on-page SEO Techniques (On Page SEO Checklist)

  1. Attach the focus keyphrase at the beginning of the title.
  2. Use the main keyword in the introduction (2 to 3 times) + in subheadings.
  3. Write 2200+ word articles (Google’s recommendation).
  4. Use focus keyphrase the Metadata (Tags, description, and title)
  5. Do internal and external linking to the related articles.
  6. Do not do keyword stuffing.
  7. Maintain keyword density.

Best off-page SEO techniques

  1. Build quality backlinks.
  2. Promote your blog post on social platforms and gain referral traffic.
  3. Share your blog post more and more. 

Deadly mistakes which you should avoid in blogging

  1. Do not copy the URL of the page on another platform because it increases spam score.
  2. Be consistent, otherwise, blogs will not grab traffic and google will not trust you. 
  3. Select a single niche for blogging. Do not work on multiple niches. 
  4. Write the article after deep keyword research.

Hey techies, you are living in 2021 and this is the era of technology, software, and applications. Everyone wants to learn a programming language but for this, you will have to know about some best programming platforms where you can enhance your skills. 

I am going to tell you about some websites which will help you a lot and after that, you do not need to go anywhere. Just visit those websites and dig it.

  1. Treehouse.
  2. Khan Academy.
  3. Code School.
  4. EdX.
  5. Coursera.
  6. CodeWars.
  7. FreeCodeCamp.
  8. GitHub.
  9. Geeks for Geeks
  10. Tutorialspoint


Hey, I am shubham and i am SEO analyst. Here I will tell you some most effective ways to promote the blog. But before the blog promotion, I want to tell you the importance of article sharing. 

The promotion of the blog is under the category of Off-page SEO. If you are a new blogger and you want to drive traffic to your blog then this is the best method to drive traffic at the beginning. Because organic traffic is not that easy to grab from google. 

Blog Promotion ideas for 2021

Facebook – As you know Facebook is the most popular social media platform all over the world. Nearly 2.8 Billion users use Facebook. There are so many ways to promote your blog on Facebook. 

  • You can share your blog post in popular groups that are related to your niche.
  • You can make a self group and approach people to visit. 
  • By making influential videos and tutorials you can encourage visitors to visit your website. 

Instagram – After Facebook, Instagram is amazingly famous among people. There are 1 billion users who use Instagram. If you know how to make posts and reels then this is the best way to promote the blog. Attractive social posts can make a big brandable impact on your website. 

  • By making posts for Instagram, you can represent your website. 
  • Reels are the best method to promote the blog. 

Linkedin – if your website is about any skill then LinkedIn is the right place to promote the blog. There are millions of serious buyers and readers here. Let’s suppose, you are an affiliate marketer and want to sell digital services then you can generate thousands of conversions from LinkedIn. You can send 100 connections request per week. So, positively utilize them. 

Quora – Simply quora is great. You can get millions of organic and genuine readers from quora. Approximately, 600 million people use quora. It is the biggest questions asking platform in the world. People ask all types of the question here. You can find the questions and topics related to your niche. To promote your blog, you just have to give the relevant answers and attach a link to your blog post. 

  • Be consistent to give answers. It takes 2 to 3 months to grow. 
  • By building quora space, you can add up self questions and answers and gro followers. 
  • Quora is the best place to pick engaging high traffic topics for your blog. 
  • Best place to approach people for backlinks to their blog. 


This question is asked by hundreds of people but nobody has an answer. Hey, I am shubham and I am a professional blogger. 

What is blogging 

Writing the paragraphs is not blogging. To be a professional blogger you need to be knowledgeable in SEO and Blogging framework. Everybody can purchase a blog in 2021 but to maintain the blog and drive traffic is the toughest thing. Here the doubt comes, can I earn from blogging. Because some of the beginners start a blog with the expectations of earning money. But they do not do a lot of hard work and they do not consistent. Otherwise making money through a blog is not tough.

Is it easy to make money by blog? 

Yeah, it is extremely easy to make money blogging. You can earn up to $3000 or more by a blog. But for this, you have to follow some strategies. As you know, to take every plan to good results, perfect execution is important. So I have made a checklist that will help you to earn from a blog.

  • publish quality blog posts from the first day. 
  • Write SEO-friendly blogs.
  • Make backlinks regularly
  • Promote your post on social media platforms
  • Be brandable
  • select micro-niche
  • Do not copy blog posts from other websites

Digital marketing jobs are fast emerging as one of the top roles for graduates on college applications, and the salaries offered by digital companies are matching the opportunities for graduates, according to the latest Digital Marketing Salary Guide from the Association of Digital Marketing Professionals (ADMP).

The guide shows that the digital marketing salary gap is narrowing, with an average base salary of £33,000 for digital specialists and a £29,000 digital marketing salary gap. This compares to a digital marketing salary gap of £19,000 for marketing majors in 2014, according to the latest salary survey of higher education institutions by PayScale.com.

There is an increasingly obvious need to market digitally to create revenue, with digital marketing jobs on college applications across all universities. Digital marketing jobs have made up over 20 per cent of the new graduate jobs listed by Universities UK in the last five years.

The digital marketing jobs opportunities for UK graduates have increased, and the graduate jobs gap is narrowing. An increasing number of digital marketing companies are stepping up to offer huge opportunities for graduates to take on highly skilled digital marketing roles. Digital marketing jobs for graduates offer huge opportunities for graduates to acquire the skills and expertise needed to provide exceptional digital marketing services.

Alex Catherwood, Executive Director of the ADMP said, “Marketing in today’s digital world is a rapidly evolving and highly competitive sector that graduates need to have all the skills and knowledge they need to compete effectively for digital marketing jobs. These professionals are in high demand, and the skills required to be successful in marketing and digital marketing are the same as any other job role.

“There are numerous digital marketing job opportunities available to graduates, many of which offer substantial salaries and the chance to work with companies to achieve substantial results. In this rapidly growing area of marketing, digital marketing job opportunities are becoming available faster than graduates can gain the experience and knowledge to take them on. The shortage of digital marketing skills is starting to affect employment opportunities for all graduates in digital marketing. In order to address the shortage of digital marketing skills, the ADMP has produced the Digital Marketing Salary Guide.”

Is digital Marketing a good carrer?

Dwayne Jones, Director of AdDesk Academy at the ADMP said, “Digital marketing jobs are a great option for graduates seeking their first job. They offer significant opportunities for future career development and make it easy to progress in a fast moving, fast moving sector. The digital marketing salary gap is now narrowing for graduates, and opportunities in the digital marketing sector are starting to outstrip the opportunities for digital marketing majors in universities.

“Digital marketing jobs are great for those that like a challenge. The job market in digital marketing is rapidly developing with many specialist roles opening up for graduates. Digital marketing jobs are a great way to add skills and to develop yourself. They offer huge benefits for graduates in terms of money and career progression, and graduates need to work quickly to access them.”

The Digital Marketing Salary Guide for UK graduates is a directory that shows graduates digital marketing job opportunities in the digital marketing and digital marketing specialist roles.

Digital marketing are an important part of a graduate career, and many graduates can progress and improve in a digital marketing job, and therefore end up earning more than they expected in the first job. It can can also be a great option for those that are keen to take on a specialist role to gain a level of expertise. Digital marketing jobs can also lead to the opportunity to increase skills and experience.


Hello, Do you want to spend quality and productive time on the internet? Here I am going to tell you some productive ways to spend your precious time on the internet. 

Nowadays nobody has enough time and everybody wants to do more work in less time. But It is very bad to say that the young generation of India and teenagers and misusing the internet. They only use Facebook and Instagram for watching funny videos. They even do not know this can harm their life plans and financial system. 

In this productive world, there are multiple opportunities on the internet that can help you to earn a lot of money and knowledge. You should invest your time in some profitable skills.

let’s start


It is the most beneficial way to spend time on the internet. Linkedin is the place of professionals. You can connect with the official’s persons who are working in the multinational companies. If you have some skills then you can promote this on LinkedIn. You can find some serious persons who can show interest in your service or any product. You only have to make some engaging posts and videos to advertise your product. You can start a conversation with them and came to know about some informative knowledge that can help you in your career. You can start freelancing on LinkedIn by showing your skills. 

Instagram Page

Another way to earn money and spend productive time on the internet. Do not use Instagram for watching funny videos and hot girls. You can do a lot on Instagram. There are 1 billion users of Instagram in the world. You can influence other people by making posts or if you have an interest in a specific subject like blogging or digital marketing then you can start a new journey to teach others about anything. For example, I am a blogger and SEO Analyst and I have an Instagram page where I am guiding people about digital marketing and search engine optimization. Even if you get more likes and comments then Instagram will pay you the money. You can sell something through Instagram. Like you are working as an affiliate marketer then you can recommend your services to your followers and sell them to earn some commission. 

Start a Blog

A most popular way to spend time on the internet in 2021. If you do not have any blog in 2021 then you are missing a lot. there are millions of people in India who have their blog and they are making money online. You can make online money by Google AdSense and other advertising methods. If you do not know how to start a blog in 2021 then you can visit this link.


Do not use youtube for watching movies and listening to songs. You can learn anything from youtube. Many educators are publishing their free classes on youtube. If you need to learn something like photoshop or logo designing then it is the best place to spend time. The best thing is, it is free of cost. You do not need to pay money. 

Other than learning something. You can start your youtube channel. Where you can teach anything of your interest such as financial knowledge, stock market, SEO, Blogging, English grammar, IELTS tutor, or other subjects related to schools and colleges. 

Conclusion: Spend Productive time on the internet

There are two types of people in the world. One is who want to get knowledge and other want to earn money through internet. I prefer those who want to become knowledgeable with the help of the internet. Because if you are learning something then it is easy to earn money from the internet. First, you have to be skillful to be rich. So, Internet and Time is the Precious gift for us. Please do waste these by watching funny videos and other bad things. 

Hey friends, I am Shubham Jindal and right now I am answering your question. Which is about digital Marketing jobs. Everybody wants to do a job as a digital marketer but doesn’t want to learn the required skills.

So before getting back to the main topic. I just want you to explain the meaning of digital marketing:-

“Digital marketing is internet marketing. Whatever you are doing on the internet to earn some money is called digital marketing. For example, if you are doing freelancing in content writing then it is digital marketing. If you are making sales of your products or if you are a blogger. Then you are a sub-part of digital marketing. In simple words, everything that is happening on the internet is known as digital marketing”

Getting a job is the last subject on which you have to focus on. But before this what skills do you need to learn to work as a digital marketer. A perfect skillset is required. So let me describe to you all the skills that can help you to earn a lot of money through digital marketing. 

Important skills of digital marketing in 2021

There are multiple skills which you can learn but in this article, I will tell you the 5 best skills. If you want to become a digital marketing specialist you should learn:-

#1 – Google Ads and Facebook ads

As you know Google is the largest search engine in the world. Billions of people search trillions of questions on daily basis. Along with this, Facebook is used by 2.9 billion people in the world. So running ads on these platforms would be the greatest step towards your successful professional journey.

These are the genuine skills you can grab in 2021. Mostly bloggers and affiliate marketers run ads to get more sales. But only some people get success. Both of these are the biggest part of digital marketing. In google ads, you need to be knowledgeable about many things like Best product selection, audience targeting, and risk-taking. 

If you are one of those who know how to run Google and Facebook ads then go and dig it. 

#2 – Content promotion 

As we all know that content is king. But Nobody knows that Content promotion is the queen. Thousands of people know how to write engaging content for a blog post. But they do not do so much hard work to promote that. There are hundreds of ways to promote your content on the internet. 

  • Instagram:- it is the most profitable content promotion way and it helps you to get more conversions. Nearly 1 billion people use Instagram in the whole world.
  • Facebook:- If you are searching for the biggest marketplace to expand your business then use Facebook. There are 2.9 billion users of Facebook on earth.
  • Linkedin:- Are you searching out for a job? if yes then go to LinkedIn. You will find some serious buyers or sellers here. Who probably show interest in your product or service. 

#3 – Affiliate Marketing

I do not need to tell you much about this. Before 2017, nobody knows about affiliate marketing so much and it was not on the boom. But now the situation is the opposite. Everybody is doing affiliate marketing and earning thousands of dollars by sitting at home. I am telling you that affiliate marketing is the fastest but not easiest way to earn money. Students daily ask me that how much money can you earn as an affiliate? I always say as much as you can. People like Umer Qureshi are earning hundreds of dollars with this.

What is affiliate marketing? if I tell you the definition then it is very simple. In affiliate marketing, you will have to promote the third party’s products and services by their provided affiliate link to get some fixed commission is called affiliate marketing.

Nowadays most companies are launching their affiliate programs to increase their sales and giving 50% or 60% of the commission. All people are showing interest in these types of offers. You just need to signup in for their program and they will provide you the referral link. With that link, you will have to promote their product on your blog or social media profile or on whatever you want.

4 – Email marketing 

have you listened to email marketing? I am sure you have even tried this before. Because it becomes the most important part to grow business. Let’s clear this question by question.

  • What is email marketing?

gathering the emails of your targeted audience and aware them of your products and content through their emails is called email marketing. 

  • Why do small businesses use emails?

Email marketing is the best way to grow small businesses. They can easily provide information to people about their company or business. There are many benefits of email marketing. They get organic traffic and sales by sending emails. It is a one-time artwork to gather millions of emails. But after that, you are now the owner of the multi-million community. You do not need to pay a lot for advertising. You will need to just send them an email for telling them regarding new updates. An effective email marketing campaign can help you to earn thousands of dollars per day. 

  • what are the best websites to gather emails effectively?

there are many plugins or tools in the market. But I recommend these 2 plugins. One is MAILCHIMP and the other is Optinmonster. these are the professional tools that you can use on your website to grab emails. you can say it a time-saving business practice. 

#5 – Social media Management and social media marketing

it will be so cruel if we do not talk about social media in 2021. as you know, every person uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin for many purposes. But some of them use these apps for scaling their business. Go back and read the heading again. I have talked about 2 major factors. One is social media management and another one is social media marketing.

These are interconnected with each other. For doing the marketing on social media, firstly you need to know how to manage social media like a professional. do you know, 90%+ small-medium or large level of companies use social media for their brand awareness. Because billions of people are using social media these days. It is a sad truth that maximum is using only for entertainment purposes and for watching funny video content. 

if you are earning money online and still you are not using social media platforms then you are missing thousands of audiences. Believe me, you can double your earning by doing social. 

How to Get digital marketing jobs in 2021?

So now, you knew the top digital marketing skills which are trending in 2021. But 1 question is still pending that is “how to get a job as a digital marketer?”

the answer is extremely simple, “you will have to be an expert in all 5 skills which I have discussed”

One of the bitter truth of this era is that “only experts have values, Others are waste”

  • show you skills on popular social media platforms with high traffic like LinkedIn or Instagram.
  • Do freelancing for a better startup
  • Prepare an effective resume or portfolio to showcase your skills.
  • Be professional and keep calm.
  • Make youtube videos to educate people. This is the best way to show your knowledge base. 
  • give more priority to LinkedIn. It is a platform for professionals and job seekers. So, there are high chances to get a job on Linkedin.

Conclusion: Digital marketing Guide

after summing up all the things, I just want to say that “A good digital marketer does not focus on sales – He focuses on his audience satisfaction



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