Drupal vS wordPress comparison: which one is better platform for you?

Drupal VS WordPress

Drupal VS WordPress: Hey How are you Guys? I hope you are doing well in life. In this blog post I am going to compare one of the most popular website platform wordpress with Drupal. Both CMS are best. But which one is better for your website.

All bloggers and online earners confuse at the time of choosing the best website builder for their website. Because there are multiple factors on which they are lying on such as security, features and functionalities, SEO friendliness, Easy to use or many more. It becomes so confusing to select the awesome website builder. But don’t worry I came here to remove your confusion.

I know, most of the people are using wordpress. But that does not mean it is the only way to build the website. There are many website building platforms in the market. Drupal is one of these.

If you want to select the best one then do not skip this article in the middle. Read a full blogpost and share this with others.

Let’s start the journey

Table of Contents: CMS Comparison: Drupal VS WordPress

  1. What is wordpress and what is drupal?
  2. Basic comparison between wordpress and drupal
  3. Advantages of wordpress and Drupal
  4. Best easy to use website platform: WordPress or Drupal
  5. Which website platforms has more functionalities
  6. Are wordpress and drupal equally secure?
  7. Most SEO Friendly platform among Drupal and WordPress
  8. Technical Support: Which is good?
  9. Migrate from drupal to wordpress

What is wordpress? & What is drupal?

Let’s study about wordpress. WordPress is the most popular website builder and content management system. It is an open source website building software that anyone can use to make any kind of website or blog. WordPress was built only for the blogging website in 2003. But after some years, the developers of wordpress transform it into a fully functional CMS (content management system) and now you can make any type of website on wordpress and it is free to use. We will know more about wordpress further. 

It’s time to know drupal. Drupal is also an open-source content management system with a large and supportive community. Millions of people use drupal to build their websites. Many government organization’s websites are also on drupal. For example, the government of australia and BBC news.

Basic comparison between wordpress and drupal

Before studying the comparison in detail. Let’s have a quick debate between them. As you know both are the content management systems that are open source. So that means these are free to use and self hosted. You can say both of these are the self hosted solutions to create and manage your website’s content.

  1. In terms of popularity, wordpress is the most popular then drupal.
  2. WordPress users are 60% and drupal use only by 2 to 3% people.
  3. Both of these are used by large websites.\\
  4. Both of these are secure and safe for your website.
  5. Drupal is older than wordpress. 

CMS Market share: Drupal VS WordPress

These are the ratio of all the content management systems in the market. As you can see wordpress is the most popular and used by most of the websites. 

Drupal VS WordPress

What are the Advantages of WordPress and drupal

I will only discuss the positive sides of both in this section. Because any of the blogger or website owner firstly views the wordpress advantages.

WordPress advantages: Drupal VS WordPress

  • Flexible and easy to use – WordPress is extremely easy to operate specially for beginners. Those bloggers who are non-developers can easily handle the wordpress.
  • Extensibility – WordPress provides millions of third-party plugins and themes which really helps you to customize and expand your website to the global level. If you have the right extension then you can do anything on wordpress. WordPress has the largest collection of responsive themes and high functional plugins.
  • Easy to get help – as you know 60% of the website founders use wordpress so it becomes easy to get help from others. You can easily find the wordpress user in your knowns.
  • Low development cost – The primary things is, WordPress offers more out of the box solutions that makes it more affordable than drupal or any other CMS.

Drupal advantages: Drupal VS WordPress

  • Content types of views (Custom) – In drupal 8, you can set the custom post types. Most of the people and drupal users think that it is a bit more flexible than the wordpress.
  • User permissions and control – Drupal has an inbuilt user control system where you can create different roles with user permissions. But wordpress comes with the 5 basic user roles on a single website.
  • In Depth support for multilingual websites – if we talk about the drupal, all the multilingual functionalities are in the core of drupal. But wordpress needs the third party plugins.
  • Easy to handle content – Drupal’s taxonomy is designed to handle a lot of content at a time. 

Which is the Best easy to use platform: wordpress or drupal 🤔

WordPress – Are you a beginner. I know you do not know how to build a website. Ohh even you don’t know programming? So, how will you make a website for you? 

Don’t worry, wordpress makes it easy to do. No coding, No complications, No confusions. Just ease and flexibility. Any type of website you can make on wordpress in minutes. From the very beginning to the fully functional website’s way is extremely easy. 

You can select specific themes, relevant and necessary plugins, custom settings, and many more… 

WordPress has separate sections for every type of designing and customizations. It provides a fully filled dashboard. Posts and pages management systems in wordpress is so easy. You can take the whole website’s backup by installing the third party plugin. Actually, wordpress is the sea of tools and plugins. Don’t take any type of tension at the time of using wordpress. Just think you are using the most popular website builder for your website.

Drupal – In drupal, the scenario is opposite. Drupal provides you with a fully coded theme with a load of features. Maybe you will need a developer to customize that theme and activate all the features. But at the same time drupal’s themes are extremely impressive and responsive. 

At first glance, Drupal looks so confusing and complex. But once you start to feel good with drupal. Then there is no chance to migrate on wordpress. It looks so simple and professional. Drupal gives the feeling of genuineness. If I compare the gutenberg editor with the drupal 8. Then I must say that wordpress has more features and flexibility.

Which website platform has more functionalities?

Both of the CMS have thousands of plugins and themes. In the wordpress, we call the plugins but in the drupal we call it Modules. Theme names are the same in both. 

So the question is “How many plugins and themes does wordpress have?” If we talk about the number of themes and plugins in both. Then wordpress wins the race. 

  • WordPress has 54000+ plugins and 5300+ themes.
  • You can buy thousands of premium themes and plugins from other third party websites. 
  • Simply, you will get lakhs of themes and tools with wordpress. 

How many themes and modules drupal have? In the official storage of drupal, it has 40000+ modules and 3000+ themes. But sadly, if you are finding the themes and plugins for the drupal 8.x then the number of modules drops to 4200 only and themes only 250. 

Are wordpress and drupal equally secure?: Drupal VS WordPress

In terms of security, both the CMS are extremely secure. You can not underestimate the security systems of both. But, we can say that drupal 8 is a little bit more secure than wordpress. 

WordPress security

WordPress core security is secure and safe. But you know about the third party ecosystem of wordpress. There are more chances of malware in wordpress. 

According to the survey of 2020 by wordfence, plugins from third parties became the reason for the malicious practices. Moreover, one of the biggest reasons for wordpress hacking is the popularity of wordpress. All the hackers are being focused on the wordpress as compared to other CMS. 

One of the reputed security companies sucuri have analyzed that 74% of the hacked websites are on wordpress. Because it becomes easy to encounter the wrong data through the other plugins.

I have told you that, be aware to install third party plugins or free plugins. These are the primary reasons to install viruses that can even destroy your website. 

Drupal security

I must say that drupal is more secure than wordpress. The  biggest reason for selling wordpress CMS is the security according to the sucuri. Only 2% of the website being hacked from the establishment of drupal. Most of the government websites and other big organizations have more trust on the drupal. 

Drupal is more transparent in terms of security than wordpress. It shows all the reports time to time. 

Which is the best SEO friendly platform: drupal or wordpress

Let’s talk about the wordpress ecosystem of SEO. 

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