Fundamentals of Digital Marketing for 2021 (New & On-Demand Guide)

Digital marketing guide

What is Digital Marketing in Simple Words? Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is known as online marketing. Suppose you are promoting other big brands on the internet. It is also called digital communication. This includes everything, social media, email, websites or blogs, or youtube channels. 

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing: Everything is a part of digital marketing. Even affiliate marketing and blogging are a subpart of digital marketing. Marketing is using an electronic device to convey messages.  

In simpler words, if any person is selling and buying the products through the internet then it is called digital marketing. 

At the beginning of 1980, there were a lot of efforts made by the government to start digital marketing in India. But That was not possible due to the lack of internet facility. But after 15 years of hard work by the Indian government, finally, the internet was launched in 1995. Then digital marketing started. 

If you want to find new customers then it is easy with the help of the internet. Digital marketing is the best way to grow your business. You can generate more and more sales. 

You can analyze the market demand and customer demand through digital marketing. You can easily reach loyal customers. 

Examples of digital marketing:- Online shopping, affiliate marketing, blogging, content marketing, Dropshipping, and product suggesting through Youtube or any other platform and so on… 

  1. Importance of digital marketing
  2. Demand of digital marketing in future
  3. Common Mistakes people make in digital marketing
  4. Digital marketing plan in 5 steps
  5. Email marketing 
  6. Content marketing and traffic building

Importance of digital marketing - why it is important?

Remember that, without internet access, you can not do digital marketing. Nowadays the internet is like a spreading fire in the forest. As you know that nobody has enough time to talk to you and go to marketing to buy a product. Everyone is buying through online shopping. You just need to do a few clicks and they deliver your product to your home with full security and safety. 

People are using the internet according to their needs and buying their desired products. That is why digital marketing eases the problem of people. 

For example, you need a mobile phone for your personal use and you do not have enough time to go to the market. Then you can go to amazon and buy the best mobile phone by comparing the prices. It saves your time and money. In some cases, you could get discounts on products. These types of facilities encourage people’s trust in digital marketing. 

In this contemporary era, every small company and Multi-level company is admiring digital marketing and implementing this. They are using all the platforms to increase sales. Even they have launched affiliate programs to generate extra conversions. 

Demand of digital marketing in future

As I am a successful digital marketer and blogger. I recommend every person enter the field of digital marketing. If you are not using this then you are missing a lot. 

Businessman making the products for the customers. But they do not need to take any tension for sales. They can introduce that product on the internet and social media platforms. 

If we talk about past times, we took help from advertisements. There was a very long process that was not easy to follow. Even there was a lot of risk and investment. But now it becomes easy to do. 

Common mistakes people make in digital Marketing

We do not try any traffic techniques for the audience:-

These are the biggest mistakes that people made at the time of digital marketing. The first one is we don’t try to reach the audience. We believe that our quality content is enough to do. But this is the bitter truth. I know you are a good content writer and blogger. It is good to write a quality blog post that should go viral on google and that deserves thousands of visitors. But this is not enough. It doesn’t work anymore in 2021. You need to approach the audience and readers through social media platforms or by any other SEO strategy. 

For example, let’s suppose you are a blogger and you are writing good content consistently. But you are not doing off-page SEO like sharing and backlinking. Then it is tough to get organic traffic and visitors. Your quality blog post is not enough to attract visitors. For picking up the traffic from the beginning. You should manage social media profiles for attracting an audience.

We try every traffic strategy on the internet:-

Simply, do not waste time on all the platforms. Stick to the best one. Do not try to reach SEO, PPC, Snapchat, Instagram, or affiliate programs and all. These are the wastage of time. Everyone has a guru in all aspects. So I will explain to you how to avoid multiple things and focus on a single one. So let’s start.

Keep remembering that, a few strategies can help you to scale your business and website to the largest level. If you use many digital marketing techniques at a time then it will be confusing and tough to use. 

I need to talk about some strategies that are mandatory to discuss like:-

  • Email marketing
  • Social media platforms
  • Content marketing
  • PPC advertising
  • Relationship marketing

All of these are the most important methods to do digital marketing. Content marketing is the best organic traffic gaining strategy. Here I am going to explain your digital marketing plan whether you are earning $0 or $1000. I will explain to the advanced level. 

Note: Digital marketing is the step by step process. You can not jump to the advanced step after knowing the basics. For example, you have started a blog or website and write 10 to 15 blog posts. Then you can not expect to reach out to millions of visitors in the first month. You have to move step by step publish more and more content consistently.

Digital Marketing Plan

Most people do not even make plans for digital marketing. Because they are not familiar with this one. They just follow an advertisement like a blind man. Bad thing is that they expect the best results and of course this will not happen. They just hustling like a donkey and spending money on anything that is not necessary. That is why they get in big trouble and they face a lot of problems in digital marketing. Before entering the digital marketing field through this guide. Just decide why you want to do it.

Digital Marketing Plan in 5 Steps

Most of the people do not even make plans for digital marketing. Because they are not familiar with this one. They just follow an advertisement like a blind man. Bad thing is that they expect the best results and of course this will not happen. They just hustling like a donkey and spending money on anything that is not necessary. That is why they get in big trouble and they face a lot of problems in digital marketing. Before entering in the digital marketing field through this guide. Just decide why you want to do it.

Digital marketing Plan in 5 steps

Pick the pen and write down the steps carefully.

  1. Know the customer
  2. Understand the demand of the customer and their location
  3. Set a goal in mind
  4. Analyse your knowledge level
  5. Make sure that where your want to see yourself in future
  6. Work for your goal dedicatedly

Note: Do not skip any step to be successful in digital marketing. 

Step 1: Know your customer 

Many people ask me. Is it important to know about the customers or not. I always say that it is the first and most important step which you have to focus on. They blindly run facebook ads, google ads, writing blog posts or making social media posts to sell their products. But they do not try to reach their customers. They are just wasting their time and money. They even do not know which type of customers they are focusing on. 

  • You should know what you should publish on your website when you sit to write your blog posts.
  • Attach links in the right place and write valuable content.
  • You automatically start to build relationships with the professionals.

It is easy to set the attractive landing pages and websites or google analytics. But understanding people is actually crucial. 

How to know your customer better than everyone?

  1. Use multiple websites as resources like quora, google question hub, google search or articles and most importantly amazon and e-commerce website’s reviews.
  2. Treat them with childish behaviour. Gather things.
  3. Use emotional words and powerful words to know about their reaction.

Step 2: Understand the demand of your customer

In 2021, everyone wants to purchase everything even if they do not have money. They do not want to feel financially poor. 

When I was learning digital marketing, I decided to sell them my products through my content or ads. But nobody wants to buy it. Why?  Because I did not know the demand for them. I directly approached them to buy my products without knowing the demand. 

It was wrong and a very big mistake of mine. If you want to build your community then there are some steps which you have to follow.

  • Educate them about your service.
  • If there is no demand then create the demand first.
  • Finally earn by selling. 

Step 3: Set a goal in mind

When the talk comes to digital marketing. It needs a plan and a fixed goal which you have to achieve. In digital marketing, the mini goals complete your final goal. Some of the mini goals I want to share with you.

  • Creating an email list with serious buyers.
  • Make more conversions.
  • Want to be a high profile digital marketer.
  • Get featured in reputed channels like Huffpost or Times of India.

When you set a goal, it becomes easy to reach there. You can  figure out what I need to reach my goal. Getting your first visitor or first sale is so interesting and encouraging to listen. But it is the toughest part of digital marketing if you do not have a goal. 

Step 4: Analyse your knowledge level

Before starting anything, just check your knowledge level. Your first mistake can down your morale. Our knowledge about something tells us should we run further or not. 

If we talk about the online digital marketing world, then without knowledge it is a deep dove see where you can finish yourself. By taking a test or by some experiments you can check your skill level. 

For example, you want to make a 10000 email’s list. But you do not know the procedure and you are hustling a lot to catch the emails without any knowledge. It is totally time waste for you. First step is to research the process and important steps to gather the emails. Then execute your plan to go further.

Step 5: Where you want to see yourself in future 

Everyone has a dream when they start any work. Like when I started blogging, I thought that I would become a professional blogger like Neil patel or Brian dean. But time passes and I face many problems related to SEO or writing something. I decided to learn more and more. But I do not change my mind. 

I will tell you about my country. I am from India and all indian people are very desirable. An UPSC aspirant or an CA student executes his plan after finalising his dream to become a Chartered accountant or an IAS officer. It is the same in digital marketing. You will have to be at your level for the future. 

Step 6: Work for the goal dedicatedly

Do not demotivate yourself by listening to this. Goal setup is the easy thing but working with the same dedication for a long time is important. You will face multiple difficulties in your path but you do not have to give up. 

80% of the teenagers start something to be PRO. But after 3 or 4 months. They give up and move on to another thing. Actually, the problem is, they want to earn money fast, very fast. They do not want to take any knowledge before.

Money without knowledge is nothing. You do not deserve it. Digital marketing is the shark of the internet. To access this, you will need to learn a lot. 

Email marketing: The backbone of business

What is email marketing? Email marketing is a good business practice where you have to send a commercial message to your follower or any person in the expectation of selling something. Emails are the most top rated thing for business. 

You can generate more sales through email marketing. It is used for the brand awareness, for increasing conversion rate, to provide information about your product and services, etc. 

In this section I am going to tell you all the do’s and don’ts that you have to apply.

Is Email marketing a Good decision?

It is a gold mine for affiliate marketers and digital marketers. According to our previous research,  We found that email marketing is the best one as compared to organic sales. You can directly pitch to your customers and readers. It is a direct process to inform them about your content. 

There are multiple ways to grab emails. You can attach an email optin form or popup system on your website. It helps to grow your email list. Nowadays, all multinational companies and small business owners are following email marketing business. It aids them to generate 115% more sales. 

How to gather emails to my blog 

  • By attaching email subscriber forms like mailchimp or optinmonster
  • By a specific software like email gatherer.
  • From social media like instagram or facebook or linkedin.

Content Marketing & Traffic Building

In this content marketing world, it is essential to be a content marketing specialist. So perfect writing is that which creates reputation and builds your business. 

Hey, welcome to the world of noticeable content marketing and building a lot of traffic. The meaning of extraordinary content writing is that people automatically engage with this share with their friends fast. 

When you sit to write your content. Just make it simple and comprehensive. Do not think that I need to market my content. But content marketing is an important part that every blogger and the digital marketer does. 

Content marketing is a planned marketing practice that is focused on creating and providing valuable, relevant content to attract an audience and change them to profitable customers.

Why is content marketing good enough for your bottom line and your customers?

Everybody wants profit and benefits then he applies something. It is true. So there are 3 reasons to use content marketing.

  1. It helps to increase sales
  2. Better and loyal customer base
  3. Best cost-saving practice

You can say that content is the future of sales and marketing. The big difference between content marketing and other information paragraphs is that marketing through the content and get sales is called marketing and information articles are just for reading. Most of the companies are using content marketing to increase sales and get more profit. 

Marketing is impossible without extraordinary content

Have you listened before? “content is king” Great content that forces your audience to buy something from you. You can boost your sales by publishing more quality content consistently. 


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