How To Write A Blog Post Step By Step: Blog Post Writing Technique For 2021

How to Write Blog – Professional way to start writing a blog post for your website.

How to write a blog post
How to write a blog post

How To Write A Blog Post : A Complete Beginners Guide To Write A Quality Blog Post In Less Time.

  1. Today I Am Going To Show You How To Design A Masterpiece For A Blog.
  2. That Will Get Thousands Of Shares.
  3. Multiple Comments
  4. Let’s Dig Inn…

Table Of Contents – How to start writing a blog?

Table of Contents

Writing Your First Masterpiece Can Be A Little Effortful. But It Is Not Impossible To Design An Article. Blogspot Writing Is A Process To Change Your Thoughts Into Words And Write Them Down On A Page. 

I Write 2 Blog Posts A Week And It Is A Day/Night Process If You Want To Write A Good Blog Post That Will Rank On Google Fastly.

Before Writing A Blog Post I Want To Motivate You About Blog Writing:-

  • You Can Buy The Attention Of Visitors. 
  •  A Good SEO-Optimized Blog Post Can Help You In Free Advertising.
  •  It Helps You To Improve Your Conversation Skills.
  • You Can Take It Full Time. 
  • A Way To Earn Income In Million Dollars.

Note: Write Your Blog Post By Yourself. Do Not Copy From Other Websites. Just Write Your Blog Post For SEO And Better Ranking.

#1 – Understand your audience – How to write blog

Create buyer personas: The meaning is clear by its name. Before starting the blog post, make sure that your targeted audience wants this topic or not. What do they want to know about actually?

This will prove that what you know about your audiences and what they want to get from you. For example, if your audience wants to get a job then you must have to write your blog post about trending skills that help them to get a job online. 

Don’t provide them the wrong information because they are not going to search about that. Think that, do they need this topic. 

What people are searching for? There are many ways to search for your audiences. But I recommend you to go to google trends. It will tell you some popular topics which are mostly searched by the people on google. 

#2 – what makes a good blog post?

A good blog post is divided into 3 steps. Just think why would someone read your full blog post that is 5000 words. 

  • Give them a reason to read the entire blog post.
  • Second thing is that, give them a specific reason to come back to your blog again. 
  • Write a problem-solving blog that resolves the audience’s problem. 
  • In your blog post, provide them some actionable tips which engage more audience.
  • Give them examples and proofs of statistical data.
  • Add some emotional lines to get sympathy. It will help you to stick them on your blog. 

Do not forget to give them the educational information in your blog post. Giving knowledge is the best thing that engages visitors for a long time and increases the hold time.

#3 – Decide what you want to write about?

I Am Sure There Are Many Topics Which Come To Your Mind Such As Fitness, Technology, Blogging, Any Subject, Cooking, Etc.

But You Are Hustling To Select A Single Topic For Your Blog. So How We Can Select The Perfect Niche For Our Blog. Have You Ever Studied About That? What Are The Main Factors To Choose The topic? Don’t Worry I Will Get Up To You With This Problem. Firstly, Let’s Study The 2 Key Factors.

Pick A Topic That You Enjoy The Most (1)

Starting A Website Or A Blog Is A Fun Process. Buy A Domain Name, Connect Hosting, Customize The Website, And Design With The Perfect Theme, And Publish Your First Masterpiece. But, Most People Give Up After A Few Months Or Days. Because They Have Lost Their Interest In The Specific Topic That They Chose Before. So, It Is Extremely Essential To 

Choose That Topic In Which You Are Passionate Or Have A Lot Of Curiosity.

Your Interest Could Be Related To Anything. It Can Be About Fitness, Education, Blogging, Etc. It Does Not Matter If You Are Perfect Or Not On Any Topic. But Your Interest Matters.

All People In This World Are Passionate About Something. Like I Like To Write About Blogging And Fitness. Perhaps, You Like To Write Blog Posts About Cooking.

Deep Dive Research About That Topic (2)

The Next Step Is You Need To Research The Earning Potential And The Topic’s Broadness. Is This Niche Has Enough Traffic And Is It Profitable?

For Example, Suppose You Have Selected A Blogging Niche To Make A Blog. Let’s Check This On Google Trends For Analyzing The Trend Of This Topic.

In March 2020 The Trend Of This Topic Was So Popular. But From Time To Time, This Is Decreasing. You Should Not Select This Topic.

Google Trends Is The Google-Based Website And You Can Find A Perfectly Analyzed Statement On This. So I Recommend You To Test Your Topic Interest On Google Trends.

#4 – Plan A Blogpost By Choosing A Topic and checking facts that grabs the reader’s attention 

best topic for blog post

“How To Find Content For A Blog”? Do You Know Which Topic You Should Write About? Suppose You Had Chosen The Niche Of Fitness To Write. But What Topic Should You Write About? 

You Can Write About Healthy Nutritional Eatables, Gym Equipment, Helpful Exercises, Or Anything. But How To Select A Perfect One For Your Blog Post. 

Use These Tools To Choose A Fantastic Topic For Your Blog Post. 

Buzzsumo (1) – How to write blog

Buzzsumo Is A Dedicated Free Platform To Find Topics For Blogs That Are Highly Shareable On Social Media. You Can Quickly Discover Good Ideas Here. It Gives 30 Days Free Trial When You Sign Up On BuzzSumo.

As You Know Everyone Uses Social Media Like Facebook, Instagram, Or More. Buzzsumo Helps You To Find That Content That Is Popular On Social Media. Which Can Give You Thousands Of Social Shares

Ahrefs (2) – How To Write A Blog

This Is The World’s Best Tool To Find Everything. You Can Build Backlinks Here, Search Keywords, Find Content To Write, Or Much More. But The Most Important Thing Is You Can Analyze Your Competitor’s Website On Ahrefs. 

Ahrefs Is A Paid Tool. But You Can Buy This Tool For INR 399 From Toolszap. It Provides Group Service. 

Steps To Find The Content Using Ahrefs

  • Select Any Competitor’s Website Like Www.ShoutmeLoud.Com
  • Enter This URL In The Site Explorer.
  • Go To The Top Pages On The Left Side. 
  • Then Set The Difficulty Or Other Filters And Select. 

Ubersuggest (3) – How to write blog

Have You Listened To Neil Patel? He Is The Founder Of Ubersuggest. He Made A Spectacular Tool Like Ahrefs. You Can Use Ubersuggest To Find The Topic. This Is A Paid Tool But 5 Searches Per Day Are Free.

Check the right facts – How to write blog

5 years ago a content writer wrote an article for Forbes. But his biggest mistake was that he wrote the wrong information about reputed people. He did not check the facts and he did not have any proof about that. So that is why I tell you to check the right facts and write the fact-based blog post. If you do not have any facts and data then skip this. But do not write wrong facts and things about someone. 

A piece of wrong information can push you into big problems. Moreover, some media companies can make this a national issue. If you write about someone with a big personality. 

#5 – Do keyword research: How to write blog

how to do keyword research for the blog post

Now The Main Work Starts To Write A Blog Post. Keyword Research Is The Most Important Topic Which You Should Concentrate On.

Have You Ever Done Keyword Research For Any Blog Post? Some Of The People Tell Me I Have Done Perfect Keyword Research And Still I Am Not Getting Organic Traffic On My Blog. So What Is The Reason Behind This?

Here I Am Going To Tell You How To Do It Like A Professional Content Writer. Keep In Mind That Poor Keyword Research = Poor Optimization And You Will Get Poor Results.

Without Wasting Any Time Let’s Come To The Main Point Of Keyword Research. Do Not Ignore These Tips To Find The Keywords For Blog Posts.


Best Keyword Research Methods Ever For Blogs (Top 5 Tools) – How to write blog

  • Use Google Suggest – It Is The Google-Based Tool To Find The Keywords. You Can Find Here All The Keywords That Are Ranking On Google Web Pages. It Is A Free Tool. You Can Search Hindi And English Keywords In This Tool. Just Visit Www.Keyword.Io And Enter The Related Topic Like Best Keyword Research Tool Or Anything. 
  • KW Finder – It Is Another Tool Of Keyword Research. It Is The Recommended Tool By Brian Dean Who Is The Founder Of Www.Backlinko.Com. It Provides 80% Low Difficulty Keywords Which You Can Easily Rank For. 
  • Answer The Public – You Can Search The Subheadings And All The Related Questions Here. You Can Download The Images Even. AnswerThePublic Is Based On The Autocomplete Data From Search Engines Like Google And Bing Then Quickly Picks Out Every Useful Phrase And Question People Are Asking Around Your Keyword. It’s A Goldmine Of Consumer And Blogger Insight You Can Use To Create Fresh And Ultra-Useful Content.
  • Amazon – As You Know This Is The Largest ECommerce Website In The World And Zeff Bezos Is The Founder Of Amazon. Have You Ever Thought That Amazon Is The Goldmine For Keyword Research? If You Are Going To Write A Blog Post To Sell Something Then You Definitely Should Use Amazon. Google Trusts Amazon Too Much. Google Treats Amazon Like His Son. It Is The Place Of Most Engaging Keywords. 
  • Ahrefs – Now The Beast Comes From The Blogging Industry. It Is More Than A Goldmine. You Can Say This Is A Diamond Mine Of Keywords. It Is Super Easy To Find Low Difficulty Keywords In Ahrefs. 


The process to Search low difficulty keywords in AHREFS

Let’s Suppose You Want To Write A Blog Post On The Best Web Hosting Services. Then How To Research Keywords For This Topic in AHREFS.

  • Find The Most Ranking Website On This Topic Of The Best Web Hosting Service. 
  • Copy The URL Of This Blog Post.
  • Paste In The Site Explorer In Ahrefs. 
  • Then Go To The Phrases Match. 
  • Set The Difficulty And Catch The Keywords.

It Is The Most Advanced Tool Which You Should Purchase For Better Ranking. Even All Professional Bloggers Use This Tool For Their Blog Posts. You Can Set The Keyword Difficulty Here And CTR, Volume Filter, Anything You Can Do Here. I Recommend You To Use Ahrefs. As I Have Told You That You Can Purchase This From Toolszap. 

Types Of Keywords: Use Long Tail Keywords In Your Post

Do You Know There Are Three Types Of Keywords?

  • Long-Tail Keywords
  • Medium Tail Keywords
  • Short Tail Keywords

What Is The Difference Between These? Which Type Of Keywords Should You Use In The Blog Posts? Let Me Answer These Questions.

The Most Preferable Keyword Type Is Long-Tail Keywords. All The Big Bloggers Suggest Using Long-Tail Keywords In Articles And Blog Posts. You Can Pick These Keywords From The Google Page Itself. 

Have You Seen The Column “People Also Ask” On The First Page Of Google? It Is The Best Place To Pick Long-Tail Keywords. 

Last And Finally You Can Pick All LT Keywords From The Www.Keyword.Io 

#6 – Organize the table of contents properly

Don’t confuse your readers. Keep the proper structure of your content. Whether you are writing an educational blog post or a guide but make the subparts step by step and represent them in the numbers or list.  

Your blog post’s title should be in the H1. The main subheadings should be in H2. Other subparts should be in H3 or H4 according to the blog post. 

Keep remembering to attach the smooth scroll with the table of contents. It saves the time of reader. If the reader wants to read a specific heading then he can go by clicking on the subheading.  

if you want to know that how to attach an anchor tag in elementor then visit this link and watch this video.

Mr. Marcus Stone

#7 – Blog Post Template: Blog Design Matters

Blog post templates

Do You Know That Website Looks Also Matter? If All The Blog Posts On Your Website Are Not Looking Good, Then Your Visitors Will Not Like To Come To Your Website And They May Go Away As Soon As They Come, This Will Increase The Bounce Rate Of Your Website.

So There Are A Lot Of Page Builders In The Market But They Are Fully Paid So You Can Not Use Them At Free Of Cost.

In This Post, I Am Going To Tell You About Some Best And Fully Featured Page Builders. On This Page Designers, You Will Get Nearly All The Options That Are Enough To Design A Page.

Every Type Of Post Has A Different Structure. Like You Are Making A List Post Then You Should Use Points 1,2,3. If You Are Writing An Informational Blog Post Then You Definitely Should Write That In Small Paragraphs With Infographics.

Elementor (1) – How To Write A Blog

It Is One Of The Best Page Builders. You Do Not Need To Face Many Problems In It. It Is So Easy To Use. It Provides Drag And Drops Features. You Just Have To Drag Any Desired Feature On Your Page And Use It.

You Can Design Your Whole Page By Yourself Or You Can Pick A Premade Template. But The Template Is Only For The Paid Users. It Provides Many Options Like Font Change, Color, Size, And Spacing, Or Many More.

You Can Add More Functionalities In Your Blog Post By Installing The “Essential Addons” Plugin. It Will Add Some More Features To Your Elementor Drag And Drop Section.

Do Not Worry You Will Not Have To Design The Page. I Will Help You To Sort Out This. I Will Tell You The Most Advanced Template Plugin Which Gives You The Premade Sections.

So For This Let’s For To The Next.

Envato Elements (2): How To Write Blog

Have You Listened To This? It Is From The Envato Market. If You Do Not Know How To Use Elementor And You Do Not Want To Spend More Time On Elementor. Then This Is The Best Option For You. You Can Pick Any Section Which You Want To Fix.

You Can Install This Plugin From The Plugin Directory Of WordPress. It Is A Free Plugin. Just Go To The Plugins And Click On The Add New And Activate It. You Do Need To Do Any Setting, Just Leave It On Default Settings. I Have Been Using This For The Last 2 Years. The Good Thing Is It Has Such Lightweight Templates.

#8 – Write a Captivatign Introduction: How to write blog

Without Wasting Any Time I Directly Come To The Point. An Introduction Is Divided Into 3 Sections. 

The Introduction Is Based On The PPP Formulae. So What Do The PPP Formulae Mean? Do I Write The Best Introduction By Applying This Formula? I Will Tell You All The Necessary Things Which Will Help You To Write An Extraordinary Introduction.

  • First P Means: Preview Of The Blog Post Topic
  • The Second P Stands For The Promise To Solve The Reader’s Problem
  • The Third P Is For Proof. The Proof Is For The Satisfaction Of The Reader.

Suppose You Are Writing Your Article On WordPress Themes. In The Beginning, You Have To Tell The Visitors About The Sub-Topic That You Are Going To Discuss In Your Blog Post. By Previewing The Blogpost, You Should Cover All The Solutions. 

In The Second P That Is For A Promise, You Have To Convince The Reader That You Will Solve Every Problem Of The Visitor. Represent Yourself As An Expert In This Field. 

Lastly, In The Third P., It Is Mandatory To Show The Proof. Let’s Suppose You Are Writing About The Organic Visitors By Applying A Specific Method. So In This Case, You Have To Show A Screenshot Or Image To The Visitor That I Had Gained 10000 Visitors By Implementing This Method. It Helps To Hold The Reader On Your Blog Post.

#9 – Start to write content: how to write blog post

After Finishing All Previous Steps. It’s Time To Write The Main Content. Writing Content Is Not So Easy But If You Do It Systematically Then It Is Interesting As Well. 

Before Writing The Content, It Is Best To Read Out The Best Competitor’s Content Related To The Same Topic That You Want To Write. Because By Reading This, You Will Know What Type Of Content Google Wants? It Also Helps To Catch The Writing Language Structure. 

Select The Best Font For Your Content Like Work Sans, Inter Or Algeria. Font Makes A Big Positive Impact On Readability. It Gives Eye Comfort. 

Remember That, Make Your LSI Keywords And Other Keywords Bold. Because Google Picks Them Fastly And It Becomes Easy For Google To Understand The Category Of Your Post. 

Make Short Paragraphs. Some Of The New Bloggers Do Not Know That Big Passages Are Not Used For A Long Run At The Time Of Writing Blog Posts. You Can Visit All The Professional Bloggers’ Websites That They Make Short Paragraphs Of 2 Or 3 Lines. For Example, Neil Patel Or Backlinko

#10 – Use infographics & Images

Do Images Are Important In The Blog Post? I Need To Tell You That If You Want To Decrease Your Blog’s Bounce Rate Then You Should Attach Infographics In The Blog Posts. 

You Can Express The Things Using Diagrams And Graphs. If You Need To Show Any Type Of Data Then Infographics Are Good For Blog Posts. At The Time Of Showing Proofs It Is Great To Use Images. 

What Kind Of Images You Should Use In Blog’s

  1. Original Images (Copyright Free)
  2. Applicable (Content Related)
  3. Visually Attractive
  4. High Definition

Use Alt Tag In Images – How To Write A Blog Post

It Is The Term Of SEO. Google Launched A Ranking Algorithm For Images A Few Years Ago. So It Is Important To Write Your Primary Keyword In An Alt Tag In A Featured Image Or Another Image. It Helps You To Rank The Image On Google Images. 

How Many Images Should You Use In A Blog Post?

There Is No Official Recommendation For This. You Can Use Several Images According To You. But If You Attach More Images Then It Affects Your Page Load Time. It Will Be Increased. In Simple Words, Your Website’s Technical SEO Will Be Negatively Affected. 

Images Help Readers To Understand The Data Efficiently. 

#11 – Create Short URL Structure

Are You Confused About Why You Should Use Short URLs Structure In Your Blog Post? I Will Tell You How To Make The URL Short And Sweet. 

Reasons Why You Should Use URL Shorteners?

  1. It helps to Make Links More Manageable.
  2. Easily Can Compile And Track Click Data.
  3. Easy to Transformed Into Social Media Service
  4. They Promote Sharing

You Can Short The URL For Sharing Without Problem By Using The Google URL Shortener. 

How to Create A Shortened URL: How to write blog

  • Visit The Google URL Shortener Website.
  • Sign In There From The Top Right Corner.
  • Paste The URL That You Want To Make Short.
  • Click On The Shortened URL.

#12 – Add conclusion for perfect ending

If You Want To Give A Perfect Ending To Your Blog Post Then It Is Good To Add A Comprehensive Conclusion. The Conclusion Should Contain The Result Of The Whole Article. 

It Should Be In One Paragraph Of 4 To 5 Lines. Do Not Write It Long Or In Many Paragraphs. A Conclusion Shows That It Is The End Of The Blog Post. You Are Not Going To Write Anything After It.  

You Have To Summarize The Main Points In The Conclusion For Removing The Confusion Of The Reader. It Helps Them To Focus On Something Specific. 

Let’s cover up all things in your conclusion. Your conclusion is very important if you want people to comment on your blog post. 

I am going to explain to write an impressive conclusion with the formulae TQC. T stands for the transition and Q stands for the question and finally, C stands for the CTA. it is the best method I have ever analyzed. If you apply this to your blog post then people will come back to your website to answer you about their results. Let me explain to you with examples. 

The TQC techniques to write a perfect conclusion: How to write blog

Starts with the transition. Transition is the communicative soft talk with your audience. For example, Tell me, my lovely readers, I would love to hear from you. Do you like this blog post? It is the transition line that you have to use in your blog post. 

Questions are the middle part of the conclusion. In which you java to put a question to your audience. For example, Tell me people, which techniques from this post are you going to check out today on your website? In this, you are asking your audience about their target and which strategy they want to use from my blog post. It helps you to engage them on your website. If they got results with the help of your techniques then they will revisit your website to appreciate your blog post. 

The last part is CTA, which means a call to action. It is the most important part. In this section, you will have to attach the call to action button. With this, you have to approach them to share your blog post with their friends and acquaintances. 

Have you clearly understood how to craft an outstanding conclusion for your blog post? I again tell you that do not forget to write a conclusion in any of the blog posts and Don’t ignore it.

#13 – Optimize for SEO: How to write blog

Now The Beast Comes. It’s Time To Optimize Your Post For Search Engine Optimization. It Is The Most Important Part That You Have To Do After Every Blog Post. Without Doing This It Is Impossible To Get Organic Traffic Or Rank On Google.

I Already Told You Some SEO Techniques Before But Here I Will Remind You Of All The Optimization Tips For Better Understanding. These Will Be A Mixture Of On-Page SEO & Technical SEO.

  • Plan Your Blog Post With Proper Keyword Research
  • Find LSI Keywords ( Latent Semantic Indexing )
  • Do Internal Linking
  • Make Effective Title
  • Add Relevant Images And Infographics
  • Write Meta Description With The Primary Keyphrase
  • Add The Main Keyword In Meta Tags
  • Use Categories To Organize Content
  • Optimize Old Blog Posts (Most Important)
  • Compress The Images For Fast Load Time
  • Make Subheading For Better Readability
  • Write Short Paragraphs

I Am Going To Explain To You That I Have Not Explain To You In This Blog Post. 

Tips To get More Traffic on Blog: How to write blog

Internal Linking Helps To Get More Clicks To The Related Blog Post. Suppose You’re Writing A Blog Post In SEO Then You Can Internally Link Out The Relevant Blog Posts That Are Based On SEO. If You Do This, Google Thinks That You Want To Help Readers. 

Updating Old Blog Posts Is Also A Crucial Factor In Terms Of Ranking. It Makes The Linking Strong And Improves The Reader’s Experience. It Helps To Increase Google’s Trust. 

Image Compression:  It Is The On-Page SEO Practice But I Affect Technical SEO As Well. If You Do Not Compress Images Then It Increases The Website’s Load Time. According To Google, Your Website Should Load Under The 3 Seconds But In Maximum Cases, Large Size Images Affect This. So, I Recommend Compressing The Images.  

There Are Multiple Free Ways To Compress Images For A Blog. You Can Use Photoshop. It Is So Simple To Compress. Just Open A Photo In Photoshop And Click On The Files > Save As Web Legacy. Then Save It. Moreover, There Are Several Image Compression Websites On The Internet. 

The Best Website For Compressing The Images Is Tinypng

Add The Primary Focus Keyphrase In The Metadata. It Is Another Good SEO Practice. Yoast SEO Provides The Feature Of Metadata. The Metadata Includes The Meta Description And Meta Tags. These Shows On The Google Search Results. You Should Add The Primary Keyphrase In The Metadata Or Tags And Description. 

#14 – Improve Visual Appearance

No one likes to read the unattractive blog post. Make it attractive. Remember that the motive of writing a blog post is not only to engage the visitors. You have to make them sure and force them to come back to your website by your visual appearance of the blog post. Make an attractive and encouraging visual when they can not stop themselves to come again to your website. 

Keep your structure so simple and appealing. Do not use extra confusing images, do not use thin fonts which are tough to read, set the images and text in a professional structure. 

But I recommend editing your blog post’s images by yourself. You should use Canva and photoshop to give your images an impressive look. If you want to see an example of a perfect visual appearance then go to the Backlinko website. It is the best website in the world. 

#15 – Proofread your blog post

Your work is not finished yet but you are so close to the end. Now you need to proofread and edit your blog post. Check the grammar mistakes and spellings. If you are confident with yourself then good. But if you don’t know so much grammar then use Grammarly

If you make spelling mistakes then it down the user experience. If your visitor found the mistake in your blogpost. Then it can harm your web reputation. Perhaps, they will not visit your blog post again. 

#16 – Insert a CTA: How to write blog

At the end of every blog post and article. Don’t forget to insert a CTA. you can use this call to action button for anything. If you want them to download an E-book of your blog post then attach it with the CTA. other than this, you can sell anything with the affiliate link related to that blog post. For example, let’s suppose you are writing a blog post on the best web hostings. Then you should embed your affiliate link of web hosting in your blog post.  

Moreover, it is good to approach them to share your post and comment on your post by a CTA. It works. Along with this, tell them to read the related article with the help of the CTA button.

#17 – Promote your blog post: Off-page SEO part

Is It Important To Promote The Blog? Yeah, It Is Extremely Important. Let’s Know Why. After Completing The Quality Blog Post And Doing On-Page SEO & Technical SEO. You, Will, Have To Do Off-Page SEO. Off-Page, SEO Is Divided Into 2 Sections. The First One Is Backlinks And The Second One Is A Promotion On Social Media And Other Websites. 

How To Promote The Content On Social Media? (Step-By-Step)

  • Select The Best Engaging Social Media Platforms. 
  • Note The Traffic Potential Of Them. 
  • Make Quality Posts And Publish Them On Social Media.
  • Add Best Trending Tags. 
  • Be Consistent.

Best Social Media Platforms And Other Websites To Promote The Content

How To Promote Your Blog Post?

Build Email List (1) – How to write blog

When I Started A Blog I Did Not Know About This. But It Is The Best Method To Engage Organic Visitors On The Blog. You Should Build An Email List. It Also Helps To Get Sales And Generate Leads For Affiliate Marketing Products. You Can Get To Know Your Readers That You Are Publishing The Best Content On The Website Regularly. 

Social Media (2): How to write blog

As You Know, Social Media Is Growing Like A Forest Fire. It Is A Great Option To Get Simply Organic Readers To The Blog Post. You Should Attach The URLs Of Articles On Social Profiles Like Instagram And LinkedIn. If You Are Writing Any Educational Blogpost Then LinkedIn Is The Best Choice. For Sales, Instagram Is A Good Option. 

Pinterest (3): How to write a blog

It’s Time To Grab Thousands Of Permanent Visitors To Your Blog. Have You Used Pinterest Before? If Not, Then You Are Missing Thousands Of Traffic And Dollars. Make Attractive Social Posts To Attract The Visitors To Show Them You Are Hustling. Pinterest Has 450 Million Users Every Month. You Should Post 7 To 10 Posts Per Day If You Want To Grow Your Pinterest. 

#18 – Conclusion: how to write a blog

It Is Not Tough To Write A Blog. Some People Write Their Blog In 2 Days And Some Spend More Than One Week. sometime people confuse that should i start a blog or not. But This Does Not Matter How Much Time You Spend. If You Write Your Blog Post By Following All The Rules Then It Takes Some More Time To Complete. A Professional Blogger Writes A Single Blog Post In A Week If That Is Too Long. 

If You Want To Write An Awesome Blog Post For Your Website Then Follow These Steps One By One. Your Post Will Rank In 15 To 20 Days. 

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