How To Make Money Online: 54 Easy Ways To Earn Money Online In 2021

How to make money online? Biggest Question of 2021.

How to make money online
How to make money online

Table Of Contents – Blog Writing Format Step By Step

Table of Contents

How to make money online: 54 Sneaky ways to earn online and offline

How to make money online? Biggest Question of 2021 – 17+ Legitimate and Crazy Ways to Make Money Online in 2021

Hey Buddies – How are you? I hope you are doing well in life!

As you already know that Money is an essential need for every person and without money, you can not survive. If we talk about Indian traditional culture. People only believe in quick money earning ways or offline money earning ways. 

But do you know, you can earn by the internet also. I will help you to make money online and you can even earn lakhs from the internet. 

Do you want to earn money online with minimum investment or through the internet? Ooo yeah. In 2021, everyone is earning online money. Even Multinational companies and medium-level companies are connected with others through the network. 

I am sure that you also have a single friend or family member who is earning handsome money online with minimum investment. Am I right? 

Some people underestimate the power of the internet. Because they don’t know where to start or how to earn money through the internet. But they should not ignore it. By the internet, you can become a millionaire or a billionaire. 

Here I am going to tell you the shortcut to earn money in 2021. But you have to work very hard to achieve.

I do not need to tell you the success stories in 2021. You already know better than me how people are earning money with the help of the internet without investment.

Let’s start the journey. I will tell you some of the simple and legitimate ways to earn money online with minimum investment. Whether you are a 50 years old man or a 15 years school kid. You can pick a skill according to you. 

Table of Contents to make Money through the internet

Best ideas to make online in 2021

  1. Start freelancing or become a freelancer
  2. Best freelancing skills in demand in 2021
  • Writing Articles for news websites
  • Writing blog posts for bloggers
  • Translation job or translation service
  • Audio files setup or editing
  • Selling digital products and custom products through copywriting
  • Research and summary
  • Legal writing
  • Email copy and business slogans
  • Product description writer
  • Speech writing
  • Proofreader
  • Content Marketing
  • Email writer
  • E-Book Business
  • Resume writer
  • Blog Content Promotion
  • Content Strategist
  • Transcription jobs
  • Online English speakers
  • Editing the documents
  • Logo designing
  • Investment advisor
  • Graphics designing
  • Become a Tik Tok consultant
  • Data entry job
  • Social media manager
  • Online video editing
  • Be a copywriter
  1. Work as a business or virtual assistant
  2. Start online tutoring: Life Coaching

Fun ways to make money online with no extra cost

  1. Online paid surveys
  2. Playing video games
  3. Make money using social media
  4. Review websites and apps for cash 
  5. Earn with Disney vault
  6. Become a delivery rider
  7. Review music for money
  8. Sell your photography
  9. Sell greeting cards
  10. Watch videos

How to start your online business to earn money online?

  1. Blogging
  2. 9+ ways to make money from a blog
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Start Youtube channel and make videos
  5. Create an android app
  6. Become social media manager
  7. Offer article writing service 
  8. Guest posting for your clients
  9. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
  10. Dropshipping business
  11. Become an influencer on instagram
  12. Buy and sell domain names
  13. Online market trading
  14. Sell online course
  15. Paid for searching the web

Real ways to make money quickly in 2021

  1. Invest in the stock market
  2. Drive your car
  3. Sell your clothes on eBay
  4. Be a fitness coach
  5. Rent your house for filming
  6. Work as a charity collector
  7. Become your bank
  8. Be a caretaker of a pet
  9. Babysitting
  10. Sell your photos
  11. Sell your games and movies collection
  12. Be an extra
  13. Mystery shopping
  14. Competitions
  15. Sell second-hand coursebook and notes
  16. Do part-time job
  17. Become a Clickworker
  18. Mobile phone recycling
  19. Get paid to sites

Best ideas to make money online with minimum investment in 2021?

There are hundreds of ways to earn money online through the internet. When you go online and search about the online ways to be rich then you will find a lot of stuff and get confused. Because there are so many works which you can do.

But don’t worry I will help you to stay away from confusion. Here I am going to tell you the most famous ways to earn money online.

Remember that, Learning new skills is the biggest weapon that helps you in online money making. As fast as you will catch new and trending skills. In a very few days, you can start to earn by yourself through the internet. 

#1 – Start Freelancing or Become a freelancer

The meaning of freelancing is clear by its name. You have to work as a freelancer. There is not a startup time to start freelancing. You can do this any time. You will be your boss in this.

Do you know what you need to become a freelancer? I tell you, you just have to be perfect in any skill. Whether you are a graphic designer, logo designer, or programmer. 

You have to analyze yourself, in which skill you are good at. Then, you can start bidding. 

The great benefit of freelancing is that you are your boss. You do not need to go anywhere. You just need a laptop and internet connection to begin. But I recommend you to work according to the schedule. 

Because your client does not want to be late. If you complete his work on time then it helps you to develop your professional profile online. Otherwise, he does not even pay you + Perhaps he gives you a zero rating. So be on time.

There are many freelancing websites on the internet. For example, Freelancer, people per hour, Upwork, Fiverr, etc. 

Pick any of your desired websites that fulfill your needs according to terms and conditions. 

Best websites to start freelancing in India

There are a lot of websites where you can start freelancing and earn money. But it depends on the skills. Let me explain to you in detail. Suppose, you are a content writer then you should visit the website that pays to write quality content. If you are a logo designer then you should go to those websites that are only dedicated to logo designers.

According to my recommendation, if you are a beginner and want to work as a freelancer then people per hour is the best option for you. These are some beginner-friendly freelancing websites. I am going to show you those websites where you can do any type of work like content writing, logo designing, coding or data entry, etc.

But if you are an expert in a specific skill like content writing then you have many good options. Best websites that pay you to write:-

  • Content
  • Blasting News
  • Listverse
  • InstantShift
  • FreelancerCareers
  • Metro Parent
  • HubPages
  • The Dollar Stretcher

It is so easy to start freelancing but you need to be an expert in a particular skill and will be popular among your clients to get more and more projects. Freelancing is not about taking projects only. Online trust-building is the primary factor in freelancing.

Pro Tip: Design your profile with a good-looking and professional profile picture. Mention your skills and strengths with your experience. This will help you to make your online reputation on freelancing websites. Fill your profile with all your details and Prepare for 100%. Then finally submit your first bid. A freelance job is also a good option to develop your career. If you provide them good customer service then the owner of the company can recruit you as a permanent employee.

#2 – Best freelancing skills in demand in 2021

“What are the best freelancing skills” Nowadays many freelancers are confused about choosing the best skill for freelancing work. They are facing problems at the time of work selection. But I don’t know why. Everyone is a stubborn expert in something. I am a content writer and I love my work. Same like this, you can be a logo designer or programming expert. The problem of this generation is not big. They are not finding their interest. Personal interest is the primary factor. In this section, I am going to show you some popular freelancing skills that can pay you $100 daily, if you will work dedicatedly. 

List of skills required for freelance: 28 freelancing skills for college students

  1. Writing Articles for news websites
  2. Writing blog posts for bloggers
  3. Translation job or translation service
  4. Selling digital products and custom products through copywriting
  5. Legal writing
  6. Writing emails and slogans
  7. Product description writer
  8. Speech writing
  9. Proofreader
  10. Content Marketing
  11. Email writer
  12. E-Book Business
  13. Resume writer
  14. Blog Content Promotion
  15. Content Strategist
  16. Transcription jobs
  17. Online English speakers
  18. Editing the documents
  19. Logo designing
  20. Investment advisor
  21. Graphics designing
  22. Become a Tik-Tok consultant
  23. Data entry job
  24. Social media manager
  25. Online video editing
  26. Be a copywriter

Write articles for news websites (1)

News websites need a lot of content and sometimes they don’t have content writers. There are many websites who offer to write the articles for their websites. you just need to be content with them and show them your portfolio. you can earn up to $100 per article as a beginner. you can be their permanent freelancer or employee by writing good and engaging articles for them. if you are providing them the quality blogs, perhaps they feature you on their website. For example, Newsblasing

Writing blog posts for bloggers (2)

If you know how to write a blog post then there are many opportunities for you out there. You need to reach celebrity bloggers who want to hire good content writers. You can use social media platforms to get content writing projects. Most preferable platform is linkedin. Just go there and show your skills to the professional content writers or bloggers. Approach them and get a 1st content writing project. You can easily earn 50 to 60 dollars for a single blogspot.  

Translation job or translation service (3)

In today’s world, many content creators need a person who is perfect in translation. Some people use google translate to translate something. But this is not a good option because it does not give humans touch in the content. When we read that content that is translated by google translate. It feels like you are reading something boring. Most of the bloggers are now believing that human translation is the best service. So if you know to translate hindi to english or english to hindi or any other language that you can apply for a job or a freelancing service. 

Selling digital products through copywriting (4)

It is the most popular skill which is famous among bloggers and other website owners. If you know copywriting that you can earn millions of dollars just in a month. You can say this is the most expensive skill. Selling through writing blogs and articles. You can easily find an online job on freelancing websites or from linkedin. In 2021, it is so tough to find a copywriter. Everybody knows to write a blog post but nobody knows how to sell through a blog. I personally use people per hour and fiverr to get projects. 

Legal writing (5)

Legal writing includes the proper analysis of facts and shows them in a presentation in documents. One type of legal writing involves making a balanced analysis of a legal issue. Second type of legal writing is for advocates in favor of any legal post or position. It could be tough to find this job online because most of the advocated do not like to do these practices online. Some fortunate freelancers can find this job who are bidding daily for this job and who know how to do legal writing. It is a high payable job in some countries. 

Writing Engaging emails to generate sales (6)

As you know that email marketing is on boom. Writing a proper and engaging email can help you to grow your business up to 64%. Big bloggers and entrepreneurs are generating thousands of dollars by sending emails to their audience. If you know how to write an email that can force a customer to purchase something from you. Then you should contact companies and businessmans.   

Writing pro slogans for business (7)

A professional slogan represents the company where it shows the professionality and the reputation of the company name. Some of the people have skills to write immersive slogans. Let’s suppose you have started an online business and website but you do not know which should be the best slogan line for my business. At this time, you will need a slogan writer. For example, LG is the popular electronics brand and their slogan is “Life is Good”. That means, they want to say that your life will be easy and good if you buy their products. Best website is to find this type of job. 

#3 – Work as a business or virtual assistant

What is the meaning of virtual assistants? : A spare time job. A virtual assistant is an online contractor who provides management service to his clients when the client is outside the office. A virtual assistant is that person who is supervising all the small works or any professional like doing research work, Replying to emails, Moderating comments, Writing Content for Bloggers, etc. This is a work-from-home method to earn money or you can say an online method to make money fast. 

As you know the online money-making trend is booming day by day. So the need for solopreneurs is also increasing. You just need to be an expert in your work because no one wants to pay a beginner. Averagely a virtual assistant job can help you to earn 4 to 5 dollars per hour. But it is only in one condition. You have to complete all the demands. This is the most lucrative and worthwhile option for those who can not move to another place for a job. 

In 2021, new opportunities are coming for those virtual assistants who are experts in social media or content management, or any type of other skills. 

Key takeaways of virtual assistants

  • A virtual assistant is a self-employed person who specializes in providing administrative services by sitting at home. 
  • The primary works of him/her are making calls, making trip arrangements, management of social media handles and email accounts, and other undercover works. 
  • Helps to provide flexibility and comfortability to the client by decreasing his work stress.

#4 – Start teaching on online tutoring sites

Have you ever heard about some online teaching websites such as Udemy and Unacademy? These are the online tutoring sites where you can find online tutoring jobs. You can choose this career to make money online. If you are an expert in any of the subjects. Then start making videos and courses and upload them on Udemy.

Steps to become an online tutor on udemy or any other educational website

  1. Find your interest and knowledge. 
  2. Make a professional profile on udemy by filling in all your details about educational qualifications, experience, and interests. 
  3. Then plan your lectures in MS excel or PowerPoint. 
  4. Lights-camera-action:- Eventually record your first lecture and publish it on udemy.
  5. Then promote your video and build the community. 

There are high chances to get online tutoring jobs on the internet. If you have more followers and students then you can work on a reputed website and fix high subscription fees. Otherwise, you can become a private tutor.

Becoming an online mentor is a lucrative idea. Just consult with your clients and friends. Then work as a problem solver for them. There are many things that you can do according to your capabilities such as health advisor, relationship advisor, gaming mentor, business advisor, etc. 

Fun ways to make money online with no extra cost

Effortless ways to make money online:- Some of the students and people are searching out regarding those online money-making methods which are interesting and effortless. 

#5 – Online paid surveys

Online Surveys on survey sites:- If you are from India then I am sure you have listened to online paid surveys. It is the easiest way to earn money online. 

Some of the government and private companies collect the data of folks for marketing research purposes. You just have to note down the people’s data and give them. They will pay you according to the area. 

This method is not for those who want to be rich quickly. But you can earn some extra dollars or you can say this as a side income. Because you have to fill the forms for 3 to 4 pounds per day. Nowadays all the companies are recruiting new members from all over the world for testing their new products. So that is why they need the people for online surveys.

These types of survey companies provide access to where you have to submit the data. It can take a few days or weeks to understand how these websites work. This is the best way to earn extra income. 

List of websites that provides online surveys

#6 – Playing video games

Here is another effortless and extra interesting way to make money online fast and free. Maximum people love this money-earning way. Some mobile game applications pay you to play games on their gaming application. 

Some famous mobile gaming apps organize official gaming tournaments and give cash prices who have pro skills to play video games. Any gaming lover can easily earn money by participating in these. 

As you know PUB-G has recently organized a gaming competition in Chandigarh university and the top winner got the cash prize of approximately 800000. There are a lot of third-party companies that also organize video game tournaments. You need to develop your mechanical Turk or gaming ability to earn passive income with this method. There are millions of people who are earning as well by playing video games. For example, dynamo.

#7 – Make money using social media

Do you use social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn? Will you believe me people are earning a lot of money through social media? 

You need a massive followers community to earn from here. Show your online presence. Social media is an online marketplace that is open for everyone. Just need to show skills.

I will tell you the most popular money-earning social media platforms. 

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube

Earn money through Instagram

Instagram is the best application for money-making. Around 1 Billion use Instagram in the whole world. Insta has many options and features which you can use to be famous. Suppose you are an expert in any field then you can start mentorship on Instagram and influence the people about your work. Instagram is the most popular source to earn extra income these days.

As time passes your followers will increase if you are doing good work and maintaining your profile like a professional. You can make posts using Canva and Photoshop to make impressive infographics to express your views. Instagram also provides reels. You can post a video or long video here. 

You can gain money and popularity at the same time. So I strictly recommend you to use this to earn money fast. You can also sell physical products to your customers or followers by recommending them.

Make money through Facebook

Everybody in this world has a Facebook account. I am sure you also have one. Maximum people use Facebook only for time passes and spending time to watch videos and chat. 

But you are wasting your time on these unnecessary activities. Everybody needs the skill to showcase in front of people on social media like Facebook. If you have any talent then it is great. You can share videos, posts, and affiliate links there. 

Earn money through LinkedIn and start freelancing here

This is the best platform if you want to get in contact with professionals. You can start freelancing here and make your professional profile. This is just like a food delivery service. You just have to deliver the best services to your customer as a freelancer. Freelance service is best on LinkedIn.

Suppose you are a blogger and SEO expert. Then You can find your clients who will pay you for providing services and guidance. 94% of the people on LinkedIn are professionals and are interested in something. 

#8 – Review website and apps for cash

Recently I came to know about some websites that pay for just reviewing the applications and websites. So I thought I should share with you. But before sharing I wanna tell you something about these websites. When you will sign up on these reviewing websites. You have to remember some important things like English speaking. Their main demand is to speak fluent English. If you are not a native English speaker then learn the English language and improve your grammar skills. After signing up there, they will take a small test of you which can be a video call or an MCQs question test. You will have to crack the test for receiving the websites for the review. So it’s time to tell you those websites. 

The first website is It is one of the best websites which will help you to earn money as a passive income. You can earn $10 to 12 dollars per review. A single review takes up to 15 minutes. I think $10 is not a bad amount for only 15 minutes. They will send you the money through PayPal. The second website is The procedure is the same as user testing like signup, test cracking, and then earning. 

#9 – Earn with disney vault 

Have you subscribed to Disney vault? If yes then it is easy to earn with this. As you know Disney has a high demand for all generations. Some of the Disney movies get a lot of name and fame among people. If you have one then sell in. 

Recently Disney studios have restricted the supply of home release classics but do not worry. For example, beauty and the beast worth $34.54. But after some years it was selling at the price of $103.62 on amazon. It is a nice way to sell something special. But the bad thing is that not all classic movies gain this much demand among the media or people. 

#10 – Become a delivery rider

I am sure some of the students love to ride on bikes and their bicycles. If you are one of them. Then you have a chance to earn cash. You just need a bike, bicycle or car. Most importantly is a smartphone to locate people. That is all you need to earn passive income just by delivering the food and beverages in your spare time. 

Many college students do this to generate passive income for their routine expenses. You can do this too. You do not need to be knowledgeable about this. Just signup on to any food delivery network like dominos or KFC and get started. They will provide you with good flexibility and a one-time meal. Averagely, you can earn up to 8 Pounds per hour. This is not a bad amount of money for a student. Contact them and find a delivery job for you. 

#11 – Review music for money

Do you love music If yes then earning money will be easy for you. Just review the music of unsigned bands who need feedback. Best music reviewing website is Slicethepie. Go to this website and sign up there. It could be hard in the beginning to take on any project because your profile is not fully builded on this website. Firstly be a reputed member of their community. 

Some of the reputed users earn up to $60 for a month. I know it is not a good amount of money. But it is the easiest way though. You don’t need to do a lot of hard work for this. Even you will enjoy this. Anyone can sign up there and earn. 

#12 – Sell your photography and sell greeting cards

Everyone loves photographs and greeting cards at the time of new year or any other occasion. If you have the talent to make the handmade greeting cards. Whether you know professional photography or not or you love to click the great pictures. You can share those images in facebook groups. 

If you want to monetize with your photos then you can go to Foap. you can guide people and give them photography tips and camera handling tips to earn some more money as passive income. 

Moreover, let’s talk about greeting cards. At the time of happy new year or any wishy occasion. You can sell greeting cards. It is the most popular business in the USA on christmas. If you know how to make attractive or meaningful greeting cards then you can sell this up to $12 per greeting card.

#13 – Watch Videos

This is one of the most interesting methods to earn money online among all these. I know creating the videos needs a lot of hard work. But getting paid by watching videos online is one of the simplest ways to make money. Swagbucks is the most popular website that pays you to watch videos and advertisements. You can work as a freelancer.

How to start a business to earn money online?

Are you interested in online business or want to become a self-made man. It is the most favorable option to earn passive income. 

Online businesses take time to grow. But if you work constantly then you can earn up to $10000 per month. I am going to tell you 11 money-making ideas for online business. 

#1 –  Blogging: Make Money Online

Starting a profitable blog is the best way to make money online in 2021. If you are passionate about blogging and want to express your thoughts and knowledge in front of people. Then

Blogging or website making it a great choice for you. 

For starting a blog, you do not need to be a computer geek. But you have to be knowledgeable about some specific topics or niche.

If I talk about my blogging journey. Then it is such an inspirational and long journey. I did not have enough money to start a blog. But initially, I have started blogging from It is the best platform to start a blog.

If you are not able to spend so much money. Then it is a great option for you. You can earn $10000 per month by blogging. If you work consistently then you can become a professional blogger. 

Do not worry, it is so easy to begin a blog in 2021. You just need a domain name and hosting to start up. You can start earning in 2 to 3 months. It depends on your hard work and learning skills. 

If you do not know how to start a money-making blog. Then visit this guide:- 

4 ways to make money from a blog

Some legit way to make money through a blog. Let’s suppose you have a blog and you are getting thousands of visitors. But the problem is that you do not know how to earn more money.

Some of the famous bloggers like Mr. Satish K, Neil Patel, Brian Dean are earning 8 digit income through their blog and services. 

Sell private ads: Make Money Online

Multiple bloggers are meaning passive income by selling personal ads. You can also earn but you need a lot of visitors on your blog. 

Before selling the ads, decide the price or your demand per ad. Next, create an advertising page on your blog with all the information.

Just contact those persons who want to advertise their product or service related to your blog. 

Encourage them and request them to purchase an ad from you. Tell them about your popularity and benefits. 

Through affiliate links: Make Money Online

Amazon affiliate is a good option for this. You just need to develop your affiliate network online. This can do business-type persons who have a lot of knowledge in business.

Signup on the best affiliate programs related to your niche. Register your account there. 

  • Attach the affiliate links with blog posts on your blog.
  • By reviewing the products and services
  • Recommending products personally and get a commission. 

I know some of the bloggers who are earning 50 to 80 thousand INR just by giving honest reviews. 

Make money through Google Adsense

It is a google based program. Google AdSense is the most famous among beginners. This is the first and foremost preference of a beginner blogger to make money online.

The process to earn money through Google Adsense

  • Make a blog
  • Publish 20 to 25 unique blog posts. 
  • Apply for Google Adsense
  • Be consistent before approval, they will approve your Adsense in some business days.
  • Focus on high CPC keywords to earn more. 

Sell backlinks: Make Money Online

If your blog has high DA and PA. Then you can earn thousands of dollars by selling backlinks. This is the best business model these days.

  • Firstly decide the price which you want to take according to the level of bloggers. 
  • Approach them to buy backlinks from you. 
  • Offer backlinks in less price

#2 – Affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing? : Money with affiliate

It is a promotion process. You just have to promote the other’s brand product by their affiliate link. Then you can earn a fixed commission. 

In this modern era, all of the brands and companies have their affiliate programs and they give some fixed percentage of profit to the affiliate marketers, who promote their product. 

  • Amazon affiliate
  • Hosting affiliate
  • Software reviews and affiliate

Who are affiliate marketers?

Suppose you are a content writer and you know about copyrighting so much. You are promoting Bluehost hosting through your blog post and generating leads and conversions. In simpler words, a promoter with an affiliate network is an affiliate marketer. 

Affiliate marketing needs zero investment. You can promote through your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or any other social media platform. You have to convince your friends or knowns for buying your product.

Which is the best affiliate marketing program in 2021?

As per my perception, web hosting and amazon products are the best way to earn money in dollars. You can sell hosting to the bloggers and sell amazon products. 

#3 – Start Youtube Channel: Make Money Online

Youtube video-making is a great selection to make money online. Just find your interest and start the video recording. 

Youtube can provide you so many money-making opportunities. Because it is the only platform where you can show your skills by giving expressions and being live. 

Youtube also has an AdSense. You just have to apply for an Adsense to start income. Your video could be anything. If you have an interest in cooking then you can tell about recipes and live cooking classes. Moreover, if you are an expert in any software like photoshop or logo designer then you should start giving online classes on photo editing and logo designing. 

If I talk about the investment then it is not so much. You do not need to buy a professional camera or DSLR. You should only have a mobile phone with good camera quality. Now you can record anything you want or something interesting.

How to make a youtube channel?

It is not so tough to make a channel on youtube. 

  1. Just signing in on youtube with your email.
  2. Click on create a channel. 
  3. Fill in your profile name and description.
  4. Your channel name should be related to your topic which you are going to teach or tell.
  5. Setup your channel header image and profile picture. 
  6. Upload your logo related to your topic.
  7. Eventually, upload your first video on youtube. 

#4 – Create an Android application

Creating an android app can be tough but it is the most profitable method to make money online. Do you know how to create one? 

You need to learn coding and computer languages. Now it becomes easy to create an android app. Just visit android developer websites and the good this is that you do not need any technical knowledge for this. 

By creating a useful and interesting app for people you can apply for Google Adsense. By showing ads you can start to earn money. 

If you are dreaming big like to make games like Pubg then it takes a lot of effort and it needs a team.

For creating an android app you need to learn JAVA language and Python language. Java is the best language for android developers and Python is for adding features of artificial intelligence in your app.  

Best websites to learn computer languages

#5 – Create and sell your online course

It is the same as that you are teaching online. But in this method, you have to sell your skill as a whole. Suppose you are a business advisor or stock market advisor then make a whole video course of that. By purchasing your course subscription, anybody can watch your course.

Everyone is perfect in some fields. Like I am perfect in SEO and Blogging. You are perfect in affiliate marketing or anything. As you know, the internet becomes the best way to learn online. Everybody wants to learn new skills using the internet or by purchasing courses. Sometimes you can give courses as gift cards to your students. These gift cards will be like a bonus for intelligent students. They do not need to spend extra money or extra cash for courses.

Steps to selling online course

  • Prepare a video course of your skill. Because these are popular.
  • After completion, promote your course through youtube or advertising. 
  • Publish your course on udemy. 
  • Again promote in targeted areas to get sales. 

#6 – Become social media manager: Make Money Online

Do you love to manage social media profiles? It is a great and interesting job. In this modern era, all businessmen and entrepreneurs want a person who can handle their social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Because it affects their business. 

If you know the tricks and you know to gain more followers for social media. Then you can apply for this. 

For example, some of the persons are experts in photoshop and making videos and their capabilities to make attractive posts and pictures. It helps in increasing more followers because Instagram is color friendly. 

People only like those photos that are coloring and charming. 

Nowadays everybody needs a social media manager because nobody has enough time to manage and it is time-consuming. But at the same time, it is important. So grab the social media managing skills and get dig into it. 

I know some Linkedin professionals who are handling the LinkedIn page of their clients and earning $20 to $25 per day. Same like this, you can handle Instagram or Facebook. 

#7 – Offer article Writing Service: Make Money Online

Now 2021 has started. This is the era of bloggers and content writers. Every professional blogger needs an article writer for their blog and maintains consistency. 

If you know how to write an SEO-friendly blog post then you can earn a lot of money. As you know that content is king.

You have 2 choices to make money online:-

  • Start your blog
  • Do freelancing Work

Which is the best option? “Should I start a personal blog or should I do freelancing in content writing?

I recommend you start your blog. Because you can learn from the beginning. You will come to know how SEO works. It helps you a lot. 

Freelancing is the second stage of work. You have to be professional in content writing to become a freelancer. You just need the best writing skills and it is necessary to know the way of professional writing properly. 

Here is the list of those websites which pay for content writing.

  • Outsourcely
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Constant-Content
  • Link-able

You can earn $3 to $150 per blog post. It depends on your skills and word count. How long you are writing. You must have to write a quality blog post to get paid online. 

#8 – Start Guest posting for your clients

So “what is guest posting”? 

It is a type of skill where you have to write a quality blog post for a website. You can earn thousands of dollars by guest posting. 

There are many factors on which you have to concentrate such as SEO and google ranking. Before ranking the blog post you have to be knowledgeable about search engine optimization. 

When you apply for the guest posting then they will demand a quality article from you. That article should be ranked on google. 

If you do this then your client will pay you thousands of dollars for this. 

What do you need to learn to become a guest post content writer?

  • Remarkable writing skills
  • On-page SEO and copywriting skills
  • Typing speed

It is enough for a guest poster. 

#9 – Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies: Make Money Online

What is bitcoin? Bitcoins are a digital currency. It is a type of money that is completely virtual. You can say that it is an online version of cash. 

Suppose you need to send bitcoins to your friend. You can send them digitally or in a digital wallet. It is the same process that you transfer money through Paytm or google pay. It is a business-type thing that is risky. I only recommend this to those who are business-type persons.

It is a new trend to invest in cryptocurrencies. You need to work hard to know deeply about bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. 

There are no online courses to know about these but I am feeling happy to say you that you can study online about bitcoins. 

#10 – Dropshipping business: Business type

Do you know about this? It is a great way to earn extra income. The best platform for dropshipping is Shopify. You can start selling other manufacturer’s products by adding some extra margin. In other words, you just have to make a dropshipping website and start selling products that are trending. The best platform is Shopify to start a dropshipping business. Nowadays many people are earning millions of dollars through this business.

  • Go to Shopify. in.
  • Signup there and buy a plan.
  • Make a website and select your products to import.
  • Make product categories.
  • Set payment options like a debit card or credit card or Paypal.
  • Show online presence by publishing your website.
  • Start google ads or Facebook ads to convert.
  • Then, get sales.

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