What Is Social Media Optimization ? Simple Ways To Rank Socially

Social Media Optimization:- There are alot of benefits of SMO. You can properly build and maximize your social media plan to connect with your targeted audience.

social media optimization
social media optimization

What is Social Media Optimization and How to optimize your social profiles?

Firstly, Do you know about SEO ?

SEO is “search Engine Optimization”. Nearly all digital marketers and Bloggers are familiar with SEO. Even new bloggers and affiliates know about SEO on some level.

SEO works as a fuel for your website or Blog. It is the long term strategy to boom up your blog with SEO. Using the search engine optimization, you can rank your website on google or Bing or any other international search engine.

Nowadays, all the business men’s and social media handles want to grab the SEO tricks. It is not so tough to be an expert in search engine algorithms. But you have to make some efforts.

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In this modern era, Social media marketing is on an increasing stage. All the social people need to know about social media optimization. Because if they know this, then they can make a lot of money and can get more popularity in social fields.

Before continuing to the main stuff. We have to know about the meaning of social media optimization.

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If I tell you in simpler words, it is for social growth. But it is not enough. I have to tell you in detail.

Let’s suppose, you have an instagram business page. Which you want to grow and make more conversions from that. But you do not know about social media optimization. So how can you grow and earn cash without investment. Some of the persons and companies make their social ID’s as desired to be popular. But they do not know about the optimization of social media.

There are alot of benefits of SMO. You can properly build and maximize your social media plan to connect with your targeted audience. By social media optimization you can do these give things :

  • Grow your brand and make it trusted by millions.
  • Generate conversions
  • Grab much more Audience online
  • Communicate and manage audience
  • Analyze your Business Goodwill


Before telling you the importance of SMO, I have to tell you something.

“If you are not a social person even in 2020. Then it is not a good thing. You should be active on all the platforms. Because you can earn a lot of money from this.”

Now, Came to the topic…

“What is the importance of SMO in 2020”

There are multiple reasons which make you sure about SMO and its Indispensability. I will tell you the reasons in  steps :-

  1. You can get more conversions from Social media
  2. your website’s traffic will be doubled, if you optimize
  3. Build the  BRAND TRUST and MARKET VALUE
  4. Attract loyal audience

Many times people get confused between SEO and SMO. They think, if we manage one thing properly. We can make unexpected audiences and become internet sensation. But this is wrong. You need to make a proper balance between this. If you are handling SEO only, then your social traffic and conversions are wasting. It is essential to handle both of these at a time.

I am sure that you will get an eye catching result in 1 month. In a survey of 2018, found that 47% of the Multinational companies which are not handling Social platforms are in a loss of Billions per year.

Final thing is that if you want a health business. You have to make a proper balance in both of these Search engine optimization and social media optimization.

Now Let’s start the journey…

1. Optimize your strategy : SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION

It is clear that you have to change your work strategy or switch to the new rules. Many of the companies feel a lack of strategy because they do not have a proper plan.

Social media is not fixed. It is the same as google algorithm. It is changing time to time. You have to understand this.

You have to make clearly defined goals to attack and fix a motive to work. If you did not do this. then it works as a roadblock for you and your business.

The primary thing of social media optimization is to focus on your activities and hashtags. In this Post we pickup the best social strategies in 7 Steps :

  1. Make sure regarding social goals
  2. Increase the level of efforts
  3. Take action on posts instead on ignorance
  4. Focus on networks that add up the value
  5. Create Engaging content and Posts
  6. Catch Up the business opportunities
  7. Analize + Represent your efforts

“I recommend you to make the note of this.”

[ Do not take it lightly. If you want to improve social media optimization. because it is a professional picked copy by our team ]

2. Do keyword research : SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION

One of the most important to rank on google and even on social media platforms.

So, “What are keywords” & ” How keyword works “.

Keywords are the selected words which come to the audience’s mind to search something on a search engine. You can create related blogs and content with low difficulty keywords to rank you blogpost on google search result. For example, you have to buy shoes. So what will you search for? Best shoes for mens, best shoes under 1000 etc. So these are keywords. Right placement and quantity of these keywords will help you to rank on the 1st page.

You have to find out the keywords which are used as hashtags on social media. It will help you to find out by users when they search for their related content. Visit multiple social media platforms and search the trending hashtags as well as people needs & discussions. By this you can create content which they need.

For example, let’s suppose you are the owner of indian cultural restaurant in india. People are from Russia and from other countries are searching for indian dishes on social media. On instagram, indian dishes hashtags are trending. . So you can make content and Attractive posts for pinterest and facebook or instagram by attaching your website link and some Images of dishes. Obviously, it increases the chances of boom up your ranking and followers.

But, Do you know which keyword is trending and most crucial for your Brand ?

SEO has many tools to find out the best ranking keywords and most searched keywords. But somewhere they are not for social media. Those tools are for search engines like google and bing.

For social media keyword research, You can use twitter keyword report. As you know that all the social media platforms are connected with each other. So this twitter keyword tool helps you to rank. Just add up the keywords in their list and sight out the search volume.

You can see the search volume here by following these given steps :-

  1. Visit social media platforms, note the trending keywords and hashtags.
  2. Add those keywords in twitter keyword research.
  3. Now, you can see the search volume of them.

Most of the trusted brands and companies use these tools for their branded keywords and tags. So you also can use this. Now you manage all your social media keywords and hashtags.

3. Optimize your Social  Profiles : SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION

Do you know what is “Social Profile optimization”

Let me explain to you with an example.

Social profile optimization is the same as a website. When you make a website and write content related to your primary keyword. Every page has a different keyword and all the posts are related to that keyword. This helps google to pick up your website and suggest to other Visitors. This means the website profile Optimization.

SPM or Social profile optimization is the same as a website’s process. You have to optimize or upgrade your profile. Social media platforms you use feels easy to track your page in your Niche. Suppose you are a digital marketer. So you have to set up your profile like you are doing digital marketing work. It helps you to build your profile quickly.

Some of the Most important factors of SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION which you should focus on

  • Profile Picture
  • Your BIO
  • UserName
  • Valuable Content
  1. Profile Picture : It is one of the most indispensable factors of building your social media profile.
  2. If you are working in a reputed company. Then you can set your LOGO as your profile picture.
  3. If you have your personal website or Blog. Then it is good to Set your Website LOGO.
  4. In this case, if you’re already a famous and internet known person. Then you can take a selfie of you and make your Profile Picture.
  5. Your BIO : Now, Another crucial step – you have to develop your BIO with your work information or What type of work your company does ? Which type of service you are providing to your customers. You can attach your most search keywords and hashtags in your BIO. If you have a blog, then you should attach the website’s link in BIO and it also aids you to look professional in front of your Followers.
  6. Username : Using your company name is a good option to find yourself on search results. But the username availability is like blockage. You can set you website name or your work name. For example, if you’re a blogger and your name is Anshul. Then you can make Blogger_anshul as your username.


  •  Give Enough time to social media.
  • Maintain the regularity
  • Pay attention to your competitor’s Content.
  • Publish valuable content.

4. Optimize your Content

If we talk about content. You can say this the KING of Social media. If you’re not publishing quality content then it’s tough to rank your social media page.

Some of the funny memes pages just share the contents of others. You can normally find the same video on other pages. This is not original content. They do this to increase their followers.

Publish Original Content Only

If you focus on your work properly and share the original self made content or Graphics. Then this helps you to rank faster. Because social media algorithms try to find unique content firstly. Original Content will be found only on your page so it will be beneficial for you.

It also decreases the chances of copyright issues. If you only publish content which is related to your work then it is good. But irrelevant posts can drag back your profile.

Check Headlines before publishing the Post on Social media

At the time of publishing the post. Just change the headline everytime. Because your audience does not want to see the same feed every time. Every post deserves a different feed line. It makes your feed fresh and represents your feed in another way.

Use More Images in your Posts on Social media

Use enough images in your Posts. Because it attracts people more than the text. Make informational infographics and clear the thoughts. According to the past year data, 52% of the internet affiliates Sold their products by insta ads or page. Because they had clarified the customer’s  mind by their info images. Images are the best way to explain something. Only use high quality images in your posts. Because pixels and colors of the images also make a large impact on the people.

Use More Hashtags 

“What are the Hashtags in social media” ?

Hashtags are the specified keywords which are used at the time of publishing posts. It helps to make your post easy to rank. People use hashtags to search something on social media.

Use more and more hashtags to spread your profile around. Do you know, all social media is based on hashtags and comments.

Make lengthy Posts and Feeds

Post length really matters. One line slogan or two line explanation is not enough for your audience. Give the 250 to 300 characters long Post to clarify your thoughts in a better way. It helps to engage more people. If you give detailed information, people might me interested to follow your profile.

5. Post Schedule Optimization : SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION

Did you know, Post schedule also matters to increase views and likes ?

Yeah, it matters. Lets think, you are making good informational blog posts but no one sees your Posts. How does it feel ?

Publish the posts on time and maintain the regularity. Publish your posts in your daily routine at the same time.

What is the Best time to Publish Posts on Social Media ?

Actually it depends on your Followers and what type of work you are doing. For example, If you are working in the stock market in india and your social profile is related to your work. Then you should publish your Posts between 10 to 11 am. Because indian stock market opening time is 9:55 am.

How many posts do I publish per day ?

Let’s come to the point Directly.

  • For Facebook : 4 to 6 Posts Per day
  • For Instagram : 5 to 8 Posts Per day
  • For Pinterest : 10 Posts Per day
  • For Linkedin : 3 to 4 Posts Per day
  • For Twitter : 4 Posts Per day

Pro Tip : Don’t lose the quality of posts in chasing the quantity. Only Publish Valuable posts daily.

6. Track & Grow with Social Media Analytics

If you have a personal website then you definitely know about tracking the growth.

Same like SEO, a Blogger sees track visitors daily by google analytics. He sees how many audiences come at my blog today ?

Same like this, you have to track your growth by Social media analytics.

Best tools for social media analytics is –  SPROUT SOCIAL

Social media is the best way to increase your website traffic as well as you can sell something and do anything with the help of social media. Nowadays, online advertising and digital marketing is on peak and this is impossible without the interface of social media.

So, start to give some value to the social profile and make money online with the help of social platforms.

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