How To Start A Successful Blog That Generates $3750 Per Month

START A SUCCESSFUL BLOG: Procedure to start a successfull blog to earn money online in india.

how to start a blog in 2021
how to start a blog in 2021

START A SUCCESSFUL BLOG: Procedure to start a successfull blog to earn money online in india.


Do you want to start a successful blog in 2021? You can do this in less than an hour.

Create a blog by following these steps which I will discuss further in this 45 Minutes article. 

Here I am going to show you the process to start a blog that will help you to earn thousands of dollars. You can be a successful blogger by reading this 45 minutes Blog Post. 

I can assure you that you do not need to watch any video and tutorial after reading this blog. A money-making blog is a dream of every person in this era. 

I am earning more than $4000 from a blog. There are many bloggers such as Umer Qureshi, Abhit Upadhyay, etc. are earning lots of money by blogging.

Starting a meaningful blog can be a terrifying thought. But it is interesting as well. I have decided to create the most comprehensive guide on how to start a WordPress blog without any technical knowledge.

Let’s Begin the process to To Start a Successful Blog

What do you need to start a WordPress blog?

Table Of Contents

Before starting the main discussion, I want to clear your doubt about blogging: why should you make a blog or how can a blog be beneficial to us. 

Q:- Why should you start a personal blog in 2021

Blogging can be dazzling and valuable for you. You can not say this is a business. Blogging can be beneficial for you financially, professionally, and personally. In 2021, you should have a website or blog. 

5 Reasons you should start blogging

Blogging can be dazzling and valuable for you. You can not say this is a business. Blogging can be beneficial for you financially, professionally, and personally. In 2021, you should have a website or blog. 

(Attract Audience)

With the help of blogging, you can share your ideas with billions of people. Blogging allows you to reach millions of people who are on the internet. 

(Establish Portfolio)

Having a successful blog can be an impressive portfolio for you. As compared to the ’90s, Blogging is the best way to create your Showcase of skills through the internet. 

(Earn passive income)

A blog is a great choice if you want to make money online. I guarantee you that your hard work in the blogging field can make you financially independent. 

(Build Connection digitally)

Working as a professional blogger leads to the top connections or personalities. You can get in touch with some great people who are doing great in your field. 

(Tell your story)

Your blog allows you to publish your own life story. You can even tell about your skills and show your knowledge to others. It is like you are playing both roles, actor, and director. 

#1 Select the best niche for your Blog

“What is a niche?” A domain name idea is the most important thing to take your blog on another level. Best niche selection helps you to continue your blog in every situation. 

If you want to start a blog then you do not need a great or best idea. But the blog should be on a particular subject or topic. 

Keep in mind that the idea should be related to your interest.

When it comes to the niche selection for your blog. Beginner bloggers get into a hustle because some want to select a profitable niche. 

Niche selection is the whole core to START A SUCCESSFUL BLOG.

Ask yourself these 3 questions at the time of choosing the niche for the blog

Am I naturally interested in this topic or not? 

Remember that, if you do not love the topic then it will be tough for you to create more content. Your less interest will be shown in your writing. 

It will be a total time waste if you are not interested in the niche. 

After some time, you will face a lack of content problems. Which directly affects your audience or visitors. It will put a negative impact on your blog. 

Are other people interested in your niche?

Making a blog is not a big problem. Firstly, think, are there enough people who will show some interest in your niche. 

Search on google about your topic and see results. 

Suppose if you love to write blogs on cooking then do not use the word “Cooking”. It is a broad topic. Choose the micro-niche or something specific like “Grilling”.  

Can I earn or monetize my blog with this topic?

Earning potential: Lastly, analyze the monetization potential of your topic. Because everyone’s first and last wish is to earn money. Some want to do affiliate marketing later.

#2 Choose the best domain name for your new blog?

Now it’s time to give a specific name to your blog. Remember that, the domain name should be related to your niche. 

By your Brand name, people will call you. They search you on google by your blog’s name. 

“How to choose the domain name for a blog?”

Brainstorming will help you to choose a name for a website. Turn your main idea into a specific name that will attract people. 

The domain name is the blog’s name, like my blog’s name is

Let’s, take a pen and paper and write down all the words related to your niche which come to your mind.

Suppose you have written 20 to 25 words or brand names that you want to buy as your domain name.

Let’s check the availability of those on the domain name checker. 

start a successful blog

Godaddy is the best domain name checker.

Still, the domain name is not available on the internet. Then start that process again. It can take effort to search out the domain name. 

Without a Domain name you can’t even think to START A SUCCESSFUL BLOG.

Tips to find the best domain name for your blog

  • Domain’s name should be easy to pronounce and remember.
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Avoid complex words
  • Most importantly, do not use numbers and hyphens.
  • Stay away from homophones words that sound the same but spelled differently. 

// I advise you to select a single word domain name if available //

#3 Choose the best blogging platform for your blog?

There are multiple blogging platforms out there. Where you can make your blog such as Wix, Squarespace, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.

But I recommend you choose WordPress for your blog. WordPress is the most used website builder. Nearly 64% of the bloggers prefer WordPress. 

Why should you select WordPress as a blogger?

Advantage of WordPress

  • All the plugins and tools are available on WordPress. So you do not need to take any tension of maintenance.
  • You can manage everything with the help of WordPress. 
  • It is the most secure website platform among all.
  • You will get great themes and templates for your blog on WordPress.
  • WordPress is easy to manage and it is self-hosted.

How to choose the best blogging platform in 2021?

There are some important factors where you should concentrate at the time of selecting blogging platforms. 

  • Pricing
  • Management
  • Availability of themes and plugins
  • Customer support
  • Security from hackers and malware

There are 2 types of blog solutions: Start a Successful Blog

Self-hosted blog solutions (WordPress)

Self-hosted blogging systems are also known as content management systems (CMS). It allows you to manage your blog on your domain name and self-purchased hosting service. Your blog is in your full control. 

You have to spend a few dollars on completion. If you want to run advertisements, sell services then it is best to select WordPress

Hosted blog solutions (Blogger)

Some of the bloggers do not want to spend money on their blogs. For those, and are available.

But, every free thing comes with limitations.

  • You have to follow their rules and policies.
  • They do not allow third-party plugins and themes.
  • You can not design your blog according to you.
  • Very few themes and plugins are available.
  • Fewer customization options are there. 
  • They provide domain name as sub-domain like

The biggest benefit of hosted platforms is, you do not need to buy any hosting. They provide world-class hosting. 

#4 Connect the best web hosting service with your blog?

After finalizing the blog name and blogging platform. You have to select reliable hosting for the blog. It’s time to get your blog on the internet. 

It will be so exciting to see your blog live. 

Before explaining the whole procedure, I have to tell you the meaning of web hosting.

So, What is web hosting? Web hosting is a technical service that allows your blog to show on the internet.  

When people type your domain on the google search engine. Your website will be shown there. Without web hosting, you can not even dream about starting a blog. 

The wrong selection of web hosting can brutally harm your website. You should choose a reliable hosting service.

Website hosting is the important step to START A SUCCESSFUL BLOG.

Which is the best web hosting service for beginners to Start a Successful Blog

As per my advice, I recommend you to buy Bluehost web hosting.



Top hosting Plans for any type of website. Great up-time & load-time. 24/7 security and customer support


It is important to tell you, Bluehost is the only web hosting that is recommended by the WordPress official. WordPress personally wants people to use only Bluehost.

Wordpress Hosting

If I talk about the speed and performance of Bluehost hosting. This is far better than all.

I do not talk about so much Bluehost because I have no words to explain the versatility of Bluehost.

I show you the performance and load time of your blog if you buy this. Bluehost is one of the oldest Hosting Companies. It has been working since 2005.

NOTE: At Pickootech, I believe in transparency and I have to tell you that I will earn a small commission if you purchase hosting with our recommendation.

Blueost hosting Plans Start a Successful Blog

You will have 3 plans in this hosting service. But you do not need to be confused. 

  • If You are a beginner, then you should purchase the BASIC PLAN OF BLUEHOST. 
  • But, if you are already managing a great blog that is getting good traffic and there are 100’s of blog posts on your website. Then you should buy PLUS PLAN.
  • Lastly, if you are the owner of any business and you want to register your website as a brand or company. Then the CHOICE PLUS plan is for you.

BLUEHOST has launched another plan this year. Which is a PRO PLAN. It is an extra advanced plan of Bluehost. All the things you have got in this plan are unlimited.

You can upgrade all these plans later.

You can even purchase a new domain from Bluehost. They also provide the domains. 

start a successful blog

You have to set up your domain name. If you already have a domain name then please fill here and connect your hosting with this.

But if you want to buy a new domain name then please create a new domain name.

Bluehost also provides extra facilities with the domain. Which are optional.

  • Protection and domain privacy – It is a highly recommended feature by many bloggers. It will save your domain privacy and give you 100% protection from hackers.
  • Bluehost SEO tools – Do not buy them. You have many options for SEO.
  • Sitelock essentials – It protects your blog from malware. But you have so many other options out there. You do not need it.

Finally, after selecting all the needy things. Just check out and enter your payment information there to buy the package. 

Let’s go to the next step – which is to Install WordPress


So, Now you need software to manage a blog. Then WordPress is the best one which you should prefer. I run all of my blogs and websites on WordPress because it is free, powerful, and easy to manage with all the plugins and themes. 

You will get extra benefits with WordPress. If you do not go with WordPress. Then you’re gonna face a big problem. 

Benefits of WordPress: To Start a Successful Blog

  • You will get 1000’s of free plugins and themes here.
  • You do not need any technical knowledge to manage WordPress. WordPress will do it for you, my friend. So don’t worry.

Let’s know, how to install WordPress and go further,

How to install wordpress

After buying the hosting and connecting with the domain. we have to download and install WordPress. 

You can do all the processes by yourself. You do need to hire any other person for this.

start a successful blog
  • Just go to the panel and click on the install WordPress button.
How to make a blog
  • Click on install here.
  • It will move you to the domain checkup step. 
Step by step guide to make a blog
  • Fill in your domain here and recheck that. Then click on check again.
  • Finally, Click on install WordPress and install it.

#6 – Design your blog with a responsive theme

For designing the blog you need a theme and necessary plugins. Because your blog needs a face. A proper setup for publishing articles is important. 

  • For installing the theme click on an appearance on the left side of the menu. 
To Start a Successful Blog
  • Moreover, select one of your favorite themes according to your blog.
To Start a Successful Blog

If you already have a template, then you also can upload the theme by clicking on the top. As you can see there is a button of “upload theme”

  • You can preview the theme by clicking on the preview button.
  • Check the ratings of the theme.
  • After selecting one. Click on activate.

In the beginning, you should choose the free theme, because at that time a small blogger does not have enough money to buy a premium theme. 

A free theme provided 60% of the features, but do not worry. They are enough to manage a blog without tension.

Should you choose a free theme or a premium theme?

As per my advice, you should choose a free theme at the beginning. After publishing some content. You can change it later.

Best free WordPress themes to START A SUCCESSFUL BLOG.

  • Ocean WP
  • Blocksy
  • Generate Press
  • Neve
  • Hestia

These are the free themes that I recommend using. 

  • If you need extra features then you should go with OCEAN WP and BLOCKSY. They provide a lot of coloring features with so many options.
  • But some bloggers want simple themes with great performance. Then I recommend the “Generate Press” theme. This is one of the best themes and provides great page load speed.

I personally want to give you suggestions to use Generate press. It is the world’s best theme. But it is so simple.

#7 – Blog Customizations: To Start a Successful Blog

it’s time to customize the theme with default settings. 

I divided this into 3 parts:-

  1. LOGO designing
  2. Theme Customizations
  3. Important Plugins installations

Logo designing

Firstly you have to design a logo which will show your brand. 

The best free logo maker which I will suggest to you is the WIX logo maker. It is the best tool that I have used for logo designing. 

A remarkable feature is that it suggests premade logo designs to you. So you do not need to storm your brain so much. Just signup on Wix with your Email and start to design the logo.

how to make logo for website

Go to the next step.

Theme customizations: To Start a Successful Blog

Not everybody knows about all the functionalities of themes. Actually, every theme has different options and features.

If you want to customize the theme then just go to the section of customizing.

  • Click on appearance.
  • Then, go to customize.

Now, I am going to give you the knowledge of customizations of GENERATE PRESS PREMIUM. 

how to customize the blog

On the left side of the panel – you can see some options related to designing.

  • Site identity – It has 4 options which contain the logo uploading, site title and tagline, and lastly of site icon.
  • Layout – you can change the layout of the theme which is size, the width of header and body size, etc.
  • Colors – This is my favorite option. You can change the colors of the header and footer. Even it allows you to change the colors of fonts, headings, and titles.
  • Typography – It is only for fonts. You can adjust the size and weight of fonts.

These are the primary options that are mandatory for theme designing. 

Other options are very easy. 

Install important plugins to start a successfull blog

What are the plugins? A plugin is the bundle of code or we can say it is specially made for WordPress to add extra features in the theme and blog. It extends the functionality of your WordPress blog or website. 

WordPress provides you the thousands of free plugins which you can use for your blog. Nearly 57000 free plugins you can use from

You can upload your custom plugins. By clicking on the plugins option beneath appearance. 

To Start a Successful Blog

List of recommended plugins for bloggers: To Start a Successful Blog

  • Monster insights – You can access your google analytics on the dashboard and analyze your website visitors.
  • Yoast SEO – Best plugin for SEO of your blog. You can optimize your content for search engines.
  • WP-Rocket – It will give speed to your blog. It is used for clearing the cache, CDN, Image lazy-load, etc.  
  • Social warfare – Best social sharing plugin for WordPress. 
  • Disqus – An alternative plugin for the comment section. 
  • Akismet – It protects your contact form and comments from spam. 

#8 – Create a contact form for your blog

So the question is, “How to create a contact form for WordPress”. 

Contact form plugins are used to provide the facility to your visitor. If they will have any query related to your content and other data. So they can contact you through your contact form which you have fixed on your website. 

Now we will know about the setup process of contact form 7. 

  • Install the contact form 7 plugin from your plugins section. Then activate it. 
  • After that, you have to select the filling options which you want to show on your blog.
  • Then fix it on your blog. 

NOTE: I will make another detailed blog post of setting up the contact form. So, Sorry for this time. 

#9 – How to setup google console and google analytics for tracking

What is a google search console and how it works?

“Google search console is the official provided tool by Google which you can use for tracking and analyzing your website visitors and errors. It has many options like performance, Sitemaps, overview, etc”

Google analytics can provide you the tracking data of your blog.

You can view many videos on GSC on youtube.

Blog tracking is the most essential topic to discuss. So take it seriously because without this you can not see the tracking information and you can not be aware of the visitors and clicks.

  • It is not so tough to set up. You just have to go to the google search console official website and signup with your Email. Then click on the “Start Now” button to access.
To Start a Successful Blog
  • Then, it will ask you to fill your URL in the URL prefix section.
  • After entering your URL here. It will provide you with a Specific code that you have to place in your theme header. 
  • After placing the code in the theme header section. You have to approve on google console. It will open your console dashboard after verification. 

Important: Best Plugin for any type of header code placement is the “Insert Header and Footer” plugin.

How to set up google analytics on WordPress

  • Go to the official website of google analytics. 
  • Log in with the email which contained your domain name.
  • After entering google analytics. 
  • Go to the admin section on the right-bottom.
  • There you will see a special key which you have to enter in the dashboard. 
  • For setting up the analytics on WordPress, Install the Google monster insights plugin.
  • After activating it, paste that key on google monster insights. 
  • Finally, you can watch your exact performance on your dashboard.

#10 – How to insert the sitemap for fast indexing and tracking

A sitemap is the new feature of google. Google introduced this feature in 2016 for fast indexing of your blog posts. 

It is too easy to insert the sitemap in the google search console. You just have to create the sitemap with the help of Yoast SEO

  • Install The Yoast SEO plugin on your WordPress dashboard. 
Start a Successful Blog
  • In the  SEO section – Click on General and then go to Features.
  • By clicking on the (?) Sign in an XML sitemap.
  • You will get all your sitemaps there. 

Finally, you have to submit the sitemap in google console. 

  • Open your Google search console dashboard. 
  • Go to the sitemap and submit your POSTS and PAGES sitemap there.

The process is completed. 

After accomplishing all this process. We came to the most important point of a blog. So read it with your 100% focus. 

#11 – Publish your first blog post:To Start a Successful Blog

It’s time to create your first masterpiece or a blogpost. So, keep calm and write a meaningful blog.

Before writing a blog we will learn to publish the blog post on WordPress.

How to publish a blog post on WordPress?

  1. Click on Posts on the left side menu.
  2. Nextly, click on Add New option on the top-left side.
  3. Now, the Gutenberg editor will open where you have to write your blog post.
  4. After That, click on the + sign on the top-left side to add blocks.

Now, you can start typing your body paragraph of the blog post. You can also use visuals and images because images can explain better than words.

Before clicking on the publish button, make sure that you have followed all the rules of Yoast SEO. Your blog post should be SEO friendly otherwise it will not rank on google search results. 

A quick checklist before you tap on the publish button

  • Write in a communicational tone.
  • Easy to read.
  • Write a natural blog post.
  • Use headings and subheadings to separate sections.
  • Use bullet points and lists to explain step by step.
  • Write grammatically accurate articles.

Yippee, you can publish your first blog post.

#12 – Be Schedulic and Consistent

To Start a Successful Blog – Be Stick to the regular publishing schedule.

It is one of the biggest mistakes of bloggers. They aren’t consistent in publishing blog posts.

Keep in mind that people want a lot of content to read. If you will be consistent and be regular then it will be easy for Google to find you. 

You have enough time to watch a new movie or You could be busy watching web series, I think. 

🙁 But for blog post writing you will not free buddy 🙁

Regularity is the most ignorable thing but it is one of the most remarkable things where you should focus on. 

I am sure about this. If you will be regular then you will rank faster on google. Be Schedule wise is not only for successful bloggers or large publishing companies. It is also for you and me brother.

For example, if you are consistent in learning new things then it will be easy for you to apply the things regularly on your blog. Otherwise, you lose.

An editorial calendar can help you a lot in a money-earning blog.

Consistency can really give you the motivation to Start a Successful Blog.

Be habitual in writing blog posts. As all know, humans are creatures of habit. Scientifically, humans take 21 days to be habitual in anything, and takes 3 months to change that in lifestyle. 

Are you thinking about how I can publish posts regularly?

  • Find topics, keywords, and titles for a month.
  • Open MS excel.
  • Fix the publishing date of blogs. 
  • Then write accordingly.

#13 – Optimize your blog post for SEO

A quick checklist of SEO

  1. Optimize your Voice Search
  2. Mix Submission
  3. Use the skyscraper technique
  4. Take advantages of free SEO tools and Plugins
  5. Secure with SSL Certificate
  6. Discover Valuable and Low Difficulty Keywords from social media
  7. Use rich snippet in blog posts
  8. Update your blogs on time
  9. Use long-tail keywords in Blogs
  10. Publish Updated content & Improve website images

Search engine optimization is the most important part Start a Successful Blog.

It is important to make your blog and article SEO-friendly. Because a good blog can make you a millionaire. 

  1. Install Yoast SEO plugin.
  2. Activate it and set it up. 
  3. Set titles and Meta descriptions for pages and posts.
  4. Make good titles. 

Finally, your blog is ready.

Conclusion – To Start a Successful Blog

So, it’s time to motivate you for a blog. 2021 is the era of blogging. You can earn so much money in the blogging field if you do hard work. Great thing is that you only need a laptop and a mobile to manage a blog.

Benefits to start a blog

  • You can earn a lot.
  • It gives you more knowledge.
  • Improve your reading skills.
  • It will help to increase your thinking power.

Frequently asked question (Quick Overview)

Question-1: How to create a blog for free and make money?

Ans:- Do you want to earn money buddy? Before making money you have to do a lot of hard work. 

Steps to earn money from a blog

  • Start a blog with the help of the above blog post.
  • Write quality blog posts and publish them consistently.
  • Optimize your blog and articles.
  • Apply for Google Adsense.
  • Publish regularly till the google Adsense is approved.
  • Use high CPC keywords and increase your RPM.
  • Then finally earn money through a blog.

Question-2: Why do I need a Blog in 2021?

Ans:- In 2021, it is good to monetize from a blog. You can earn well with blogging or content writing. You just need to do 4 to 5 hours of work on your website. 

  • Earn passive income.
  • Follow your passion.
  • For understanding the google ranking factors.
  • Represent your thoughts and skills in front of the audience.
  • Inspire people through your thinking.

Question-3: How often should I post to my blog?

Ans:- Now the google algorithm is changed. You do not need to publish daily. But you have to write a quality blog post for your blog. Google does not want quantity from you but they want quality articles. 

You should publish 2 blog posts per week. Along with this, you have to optimize them.

Question-4: How do I constantly come up with ideas for new posts? 

Ans:- As I said before, regularity is the key to earn money from blogging. If you are regular then Google will pay you.  

But for maintaining the posting schedule. You have to come up with new ideas. Just dig this question up. What do you need to do for new ideas?

  • Select a niche related to your interest.
  • Find your competitors and write those topics which you have written yet.
  • Use the skyscraper technique: Scan another relevant website to your niche.
  • Search topics from Quora, Social media, and Google question hub.
  • Don’t touch a broad niche. Select micro-niche for the blog.
  • Keep your eyes on trending topics related to your niche. For example, watch the news and read blogs.

Question-5: How long should my posts be?

Ans:- it is the most asked questions by bloggers. Most of the beginner bloggers are in doubt as to how long should my post be? 

Blog Post length depends on the topic. You just have to write your topic in detail and provide in-depth information about that topic. Do not focus on length. Length can be 2000 words or 5000 words. 

But according to google, your blog post length should be 2200 words in 2021. According to the last research of google, they found that 96% of articles on the top 10 results are 2200+ words. If you want to rank in the top 10 then you have to follow this.

Question-6: What are the benefits of images in posts.

Ans:- Images are helpful because they can explain better than text. Visual appearance is more effective than a simple text.

Images also help to rank faster on Google. As they have alt tags. 

Images help to engage more people on blogs. You can use many types of images like infographics and attractive focused pictures. 

Question-7: How do I optimize my blog posts for search engines?

Ans:- All the practices that you do at the time of writing blog posts and in the hustling to rank your post on google are called blog posts optimization. 

A quick checklist to optimize the blog post

  • Attach long tail and medium tail keywords. 
  • Make a captivating title and introduction. 
  • Use Ahrefs for searching keywords.
  • Write short paragraphs in just 2 or 3 lines

Question – 7: How do bloggers get paid?

Ans:- First step is to earn from a blog is google adsense. you just have to do 3 months of work to apply for adsense and you can start earning by google ads.

Question – 8: Is it easy to start a blog?

Ans:- yeah it is so easy to start a blog in 2021. You only need a domain and a hosting with wordpress installation. You only have to spend $20 to start a successful blog in minutes.

Question -9: Which is the Best website builder platform to start a blog?

Ans:- WordPress is the most famous and most recommended website builder platform by professionals. Nowadays, there are a lot of blogging platforms available. But 74% of the people are using wordpress.

Question -10: Free blog kaise banaye?

Ans:- Use blogger to make a free blog. You do not need to buy a hosting or a domain. provides you a sub domain like ( and it also provides world class hosting service by google. Those beginners who do not have enough money to start a blog. Then you should use a blogger. It is the best option for you.

Question -11: How to make a blog attractive?

Ans:- If you want to make your blog attractive and eye catching. Use elementor and Thrive web template builder. These are the best drag and drop website builders. Which can help you to make your page attractive and interesting. Elementor is the free plugin which you can use on wordpress. But prosperity is paid.

Question -12: How long does it take to build a website?

Ans:- I think this depends on you. If you already have a domain then you just need to connect a hosting service and install the wordpress in it. After that, you need to design your blog and optimize for SEO. ( If I talk about beginners then it can take 2 to 3 days to create a full SEO optimized blog but this is the 2 hours process for pro persons.

Questions -13: Do bloggers have good money?

Ans:- Actually this question is confusing. Earning good money depends on your hustling. If you are doing good SEO of your blog and getting a lot of traffic on your website. Then you can earn $500 a month easily. In 2021, it is good for everyone to have a personal blog.

Questions – 14: What are the basic steps to start a blog?

Ans:- As you know these are the FAQs so I will tell you only steps in this:

  • Setup your mood to start a blog
  • Finalize the niche or topics
  • Brainstorm the topics and research about the earning potential 
  • Select the blogging platform like WordPress
  • Then, choose the best domain name related to your niche.
  • Buy the domain name and website hosting.
  • Connect the hosting to the domain
  • Install WordPress
  • Do some important Settings before start designing and publishing
  • Install responsive theme and plugins
  • Customize the blog
  • Create the contact form and Subscribe form
  • Setting up the google analytics and google search console
  • Insert sitemap of pages and posts
  • Publish the first blog post  
  • Optimize for SEO
  • Promote that and Make Backlinks for extraordinary ranking
  • Be consistent and apply for Google Adsense after publishing 30 to 40 quality blog posts.

Questions – 15: How much does it cost to start a blog?

Ans:- If you are making your blog then you will need a custom domain and hosting. You will have to spend 1000 on the domain name and 2500 for the Bluehost hosting. Total is 3500 to 4000 INR.

But a blogger is also a good option to start a blog. You do not need to buy a hosting and a domain name. They provide the google based hosting service. This is a top-class hosting service. 

Questions – 16: What are the benefits of having a blog?

Ans:- In 2021, if you have a blog and you are dedicatedly working. Then you are going to be a successful person.

  • You can earn online money
  • Improve your knowledge in your desired niche.
  • To know about the WordPress and management

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