WordPress Duplicate Page: How To Duplicate a Page or Post effortlessly?

Wordpress Duplicate Page

WordPress Duplicate Page :- Do you want to make the same page as the existing one? One of our readers asked us about a WordPress duplicate page and I thought to write a detailed blog post on this topic.

Yeah, WordPress allows you to duplicate the page or post even without affecting the original one.

Hey, I am Shubham (Blogger and SEO learner). Here I am going to show you how you can duplicate the WordPress page. Let’s dig in.

Before knowing all the processes. Let’s know why a duplicate WordPress page or post is needed?

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Why is a duplicate WordPress page needed?

If you are a blogger and familiar with WordPress then you already know sometimes we have to clone a WordPress page or post. There are many reasons for this. Suppose, if you have made an affiliate landing page and now you want to pick the same structure and SEO settings for another affiliate product. Then you will need to clone the WordPress page. 

There are 2 cases to copy a page or post:-

#1 - Manual method to duplicate WordPress page (Not Recommended)

you copy the content of the original page and paste it on your duplicate page. But it only pastes the content. It does not pick the SEO settings and featured image + Other Metadata. It also takes a lot of time to paste it. Simply, it is very time-consuming.

#2 - Smart Way to WordPress Duplicate the page & Posts in few clicks (Recommended)

In another case, it is so easy to do with a specific plugin for duplicating the WordPress page in a single click. 

It would be nice if it will automatically catch all the SEO settings and other metadata. I think it sounds good or it is the best method  to create WordPress Duplicate Page.

Install the Duplicate Post plugin on the dashboard 

duplicate wordpress page

Don’t panic! Just go to the plugin section and click on add new on the top left corner then install and activate it simply.

After activation, go to the “All Posts” section. You will notice there are 2 more options added of ‘Clone’ and a ‘New draft’ beneath every post title. 

  • There is a little difference between them. If you click on the “clone” button then it simply makes a wordpress duplicate post. But that post will not open in the post editor. 
  • By clicking on the ‘new draft’ you can duplicate the WordPress page or post. It will automatically open in the WordPress post editor. 

The same process is for pages. You do not need to confuse between pages and posts. 

You can use this plugin for many purposes

  • Updating the old published posts in a better way
  • For website redesigning 
  • To coping the landing pages
  • Finally, for creating wordpress duplicate page.

Customize the duplicate post plugins settings

This plugin is really helpful for beginners. It also provides multiple customization options. You can all set it up according to you. What you need to copy or not.

You can duplicate the necessary contents as per your needs. 

Let’s take a look at the duplicate plugin settings. 

As you can see the setting page is divided into three categories. That is what to copy, permissions and display. 

#1 – The first setting option will allow you to decide what to copy during page duplication. Just check the items that you want to copy and uncheck others that you do not want to copy.

duplicate wordpress page

#2 – The permission tab allows you to select other things as you can see in this image. 

The duplicate WordPress plugins recommend administrator and editor roles to create duplicate pages or posts. But you can check and uncheck them according to you.

How to duplicate a page in wordpress

#3 – Finally, click on the Display tab to choose where you want to display the clone post links. By default, the plugin shows them on the post list, edit screen, and admin bar.

Lastly, the final tab is the display button. That allows you to choose whether you want to display the links of clone posts or not. 

Duplicate Page wordpress

Note: Do not forget to save the changes before leaving the dashboard. Okay

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