Work From Home Jobs Only For New Programmers (9 Skills)

work from home jobs – During COVID PANDAMIC the demand of the computer geeky people increases and companies are hiring more officials.

work from home jobs

Work from home Jobs for Coders and Programmers

Do you like to code in computer languages? Many people think that programming is an extremely tough job. But that’s not true. If you are learning the coding language with someone who is a problem-solving nature person. Those students who are intelligent in mathematics can easily develop coding skills and earn a lot of money with this.

The coding and programming industry is already booming in 2021 and there are many job opportunities available for you. According to the previous studies, the demand for skilled programmers is going to increase by 60% and many multinational companies are going to hire an employee who knows to code better. 

In this corona time, people are searching for coding jobs for work from home. Due to the COVID pandemic, all the small and medium level companies are focused to close their offices and want to start work digitally. I am sure that you know many officials who are working by sitting at their home. 

Why is coding the best option in 2021?

Coding becomes the best option for you if you want to work remotely. The primary reason is that you can earn thousands of dollars in this field. You just need a laptop and a mobile to communicate with people. A decent internet connection is an important need to complete the task. You can choose the programming language as a career option. 

Important Skills to get hired in coding (Coding Career options)

#1 – Web developer

The primary job of web developers is to write the codes for the website that are on the internet. The work of a skilled web developer is to write the coding lines to allow a fully designed website for functionalities. For completing this task you need to learn some skills and computer languages. For example, Javascript, PHP, Python, and C++. These are the best computer languages for web developers. But in 2021, PHP is on demand. An Expert PHP developer can demand a high salary from his company. The salary of web developers depends on the experience and the knowledge base. If I talk about India then 90% of the developers take 7 to 8 lakh per annum salary. But the best thing is you can start freelancing in coding. There is a huge scope for freelancers as web designers and web developers. 

#2 – Front end developer

Work From Home Jobs: Before understanding the main work. We need to learn “what is the meaning of front end” Front end means the front of the website and application. The user interface and the whole design of the website are called the front-end. That part of the website is at the front of the user. For example, the coloring of websites, designing of websites, icons, and images, etc. if you are a beginner and you know to code in HTML, CSS, and javascript. Then you can demand up to 8 lakh per annum. Because the demand for front-end developers is growing. All the website owners are focusing on the design of the website. 

#3 – Full-stack developer: Work From Home Jobs

The meaning is clear by itself. That person who knows to code in both frontend and backend. You have already learned about the front end. Let’s learn about the backend. Backend developers are those professionals who add the options and functionalities to the website. I will explain it to you in depth. Let’s suppose you are a programmer and you know how to make a fully functional website including designing and working capabilities. An average stack developer can earn up to 10 lakh in the beginning. There is a full high demand for stack developers. Because nowadays all the organizations and schools are building applications for their schools and colleges and searching for these types of persons who know all the things.

#4 – WordPress developer

Do you know about WordPress? It is the best way to build a website. It is a content management system that is used to make a website in full. You do not need to learn web designing languages. It provides full backend support to the developers. Those persons or bloggers who do not know about coding skills. Then It is the best option. 60% of the websites in the world including sony music, BBC news, Microsoft news, and Facebook newsroom are developed on WordPress. To become a WordPress developer, you have to learn PHP, HTML, CSS, and javascript. it is the best option if you want a Work From Home Job.

#5 – App developer

It is still a dream for many people to make an android application. The main work of the app developers is to make applications for smartphones and websites. Smartphones are incomplete without applications. Learning the computer languages to get this title depends on the platform. On which platform you are working. If you are working for IOS then you need to learn objective-c and C#. If you are an android developer then you should improve your java and swift language. An average application developer earns 12 to 14 lakh in a year. 

#5 – Back end engineer: Work From Home Jobs

Backend engineers handle that code that is written by the front-end developer. His work is to manage all the data from directly to the server. Where all the front and backend are stored. The primary work of back-end engineers is to manage the database, apis, and robots in python language. Engineer is a bigger title than a developer. The average salary is the same as a developer. it is the best option if you want a Work From Home Job.

#6 – Javascript developer

Javascript is a logical language. It helps to add logic to the websites. For example, why is this feature present here and what is the actual work of this option. Javascript developers are the experts who know the React.js and Jquery framework very well. It is trending in 2021. According to my, if you try to be an expert in this language then you will earn your whole life. Because it is not going to be outdated.

#7 – Web application developer: Work From Home Jobs

It is a very popular stream. To become a web app developer you need to learn the RUBY language. It is the best user-friendly computer language for web apps. Developers who work in RUBY create the backend code in this language. it is the best option if you want a Work From Home Job.Most of the website owners who want to make their tools for their websites are consistently earning for the web app developers. It is in huge demand. 

#8 – Artificial intelligence expert

Have you some interest in robotics? If yes then you should learn the python language. It is not an old language but it developed very fast. It is the easiest programming language in the whole world. Even a 10 to 12 years old child can learn this language. The main work of this language is to develop artificial intelligence robots. For example, the fingerprint scanner in your smartphone is developed in python language. You can say it is the highest paying job recently. You can earn up to 20 lakh per annum if you are a python expert.

#9 – windows developer: Work From Home Jobs

Windows developers are those persons who are working in Microsoft or IBM. If you want to work in these types of multinational companies then learn the C language with the data structure. it is the best option if you want a Work From Home Job.Many people ask me if windows are developed in the C language. Yeah, that’s right. Entire windows 8 or windows 10 is developed in C language. It is the oldest language which was developed by Denis Richi in 1972. 

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